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overwintering Overwintering in raised beds.

I'm considering trying to overwinter in my raised beds. They're going to die anyways right? So what have I got to lose? I'm in PA, zone 6b, we get temps down into the teens and sometimes wind chills that bring under 0. Right now I have freeze cloth over the framing I normally use for shadecloth. These beds are 4 x 8 and have around 12-14 plants each. (these are hot and super hot)

The plan: Leave up the freeze cloth, cover that with greenhouse quality plastic (min. 6 mil), cut back the plants and mulch base with leaves or straw, and when temps are set to dip really bad, place a patio heater in there for a few hours to help bring up the inside temp.

The Question: Does this have a chance of working, and do you have any other suggestions that might work?

Again, I'm not really invested in NEEDING this to work, I normally pull and toss BUT if this would work, it could potentially be a game changer in the way I grow going forward.

Thanks for any input!
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My first thought was: "why not?". I like your plan. A couple of random thoughts.

1) mulch deeply. I'd cover the plants with at least 10-12" of leaves / straw.

2) I've been told the "remay" row cover stuff is worth 3-4 degrees of warmth. Also, if you double it, it'll give you 6-8 degrees of warmth. I've never tried it, but I was told this by a commercial seedsman, so it just might be true.

3) Don't forget about snow load. They're saying this year snow totals should measure in terms of feet, a lot more than the .3" we got all last year. You might want to consider building some type of arched "tunnel" cover for the bed. HERE is an idea on the cheap.

4) Don't forget to water (sparingly) every once in a while.

Like you said, "What have I got to lose?". Let us know how it goes.
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Based on my experience on the gulf coast, I think you'll need a lot of supplemental heat.

Edit: I forgot about this. It may give you some insight. It worked great until it didn't. A monumental cold snap last year really surprised me. I lost plants that were born as early as 2015.

I never had any success with in ground OW no matter how deep I piled on top of the hacked down plants or how many tarps/frost blankets I added for cold periods.
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