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overwintering Overwintering naivety

Hi folks,
           Had a fairly productive, healthy habanero in my veg garden last season and decided to try the overwinter technique(?).
Put a mix of peat moss and compost in bottom of container (with holes) then dug out the pepper and nestled it in nicely, early October.
Placed it in my wife's garden room, southwest facing window and checked out a few google hits that touched on the subject.
Right off the bat produced 3 nice fruits, well over a dozen blossoms and then a bunch more smallies.
I attributed this to stress, but thought maybe it's liking this spot.
As the weeks have worn on, it's lost a fair amount of leaves. Almost all of the leaves are small.
Really trying to not overwater it but not sure,...just not sure.
I've thought about a grow tent, even just some reflective material around it, grow lights, heating elements.
As much as I'd love to have habaneros to pick in the off season, I'm much more concerned with just getting it through the
next four months, or so, and then back into the garden.
Some thoughts from some of you who care to comment would be great. Thanks.
Including a pic.


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So far I have a few plants that have made it through 1/22 outside with no protection. If they make it through into February it should be smooth sailing from here on out.
I'm most excited about my Rocotto that only gave me 2 peppers this year. One ripened the first week of January which was a smaller pepper and one that is about 2 weeks from ripening which is a much larger pepper. The plant looks really healthy and its in the middle of my 8x5x3 foot raised bed. 
There is also a Jalapeno in the raised bed that is really healthy and still loaded with 50 + peppers. 
And I have a Starfish and Bishops Crown along my fence along with a fresno pepper and mini bell that survived. So I'm off to a good start for 2021. I just planted some seed outside in a differ raised bed- some MOA's, THP's and Choc Scotch Bonnets.