Since many of you do much more of this than I do, what is the best way to overwinter a pepper plant? I have overwintered a few, mostly my pequin and my tepin, but they always get very ill looking before they get put outside again in the spring. This year I have my Nagas, and I was wondering what was the best way to keep them healthy and happy. I have even considered making a poly tunnel greenhouse in my backyard for them, although the Mrs. is way less than impressed with that idea. Any suggestions?
Yeah, i'd be interested to hear about this too. My strongest plants are indoors, on a sunny window sill. My other plants are in a non-heated greenhouse.

I was toying with the idea of cutting my numex twilight back quite a bit to give it fresh growth in Spring.

Above is the cut-back plant.......below is the same plant 10 mos or so later.
Cut back the chile, bring it inside near a sunny window and water sparingly

Cripes, Willard, that's bl**dy drastic.

Cool though. What month did you cut it back? I'm thinking beginning of spring?
I grow year round in a hydro greenhouse and the original plant was grown there as well as the pruned plant.

Pruned it in summer.
I pulled my Serrano out of the ground today and got most of the root ball. I transplanted it into a pot for the winter. Hopefully, it won't go into shock too badly and I can replant it this spring.

It was a very prolific plant. That's the only reason I saved it. My habs and jalapeno's were dissapointing this year, so they went in the mulch pile. But, then again, I got my plants from Lowe's, so...yeah.

I'm doing some good seeds this year!