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pests OW aphids

Noticed my OWs are a bit buggy. What's everyone use to rid themselves of these guys? Never had a problem in the garden, but I want these things gone before I start next years grow.


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Hey, @HillBilly Jeff. When I notice aphids starting
to try to get established, I give a good spray of insecticidal
soap. If I get them early, that is usually sufficient. After that,
a spray with NEEM oil or even a soil drench with same, if

Constant vigilance is a must. I spray a plant as soon as I
see aphids on one leaf or growth tip if mechanical means
of removal are not effective. I spend a fair amount of time
examining my plants for aphids.
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For predators, I'm finding Orius and Aphidius to be a great combination indoors, if you don't have any hot lights around to kill them.

Aphidius parasitize the larger, more mature aphids.. Orius hunt the flowers and crotches, targeting smaller aphids, thrips, and whatever bothers them. I've also got a mix of other stuff, but those two seem to make the best team I've found for long term control.

Neither have required more than a little misting of designated areas 2x daily.. And having something in flower. Unlike Ladybugs, neither needs any assistance to find infestations.