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OZZ Indoor cannabis grow show

Hey everyone, I’m still getting my bearings straight on my Chili’s but thought I’d share a GLOG of my *LEGAL* indoor cannabis adventures as I see some talking about it and making threads, this section of THP seems to be the place to share. In my state we have a 12 plant per two person household legal limit (flowering) and I’m well below that as in my tent I really only have space for 8 plants, and even that is a bit cramped as you’ll see. On next run I’m planning on dropping back to 6 even as I like them to have a little breathing room and I think the plants appreciate it as well.

Right now I’m running the following equipment for those that like details:

8’x4’ Secret Jardín tent
2 - HLG-650 Diablo lights
2- 6” AC infinity fans and scrubbers.
8 pot autopot system, using the 2.2 gallon pots with 2 of the 12.4 gallon reservoirs.

Nutrients and additives:

I use only RO water for everything.

Maxi grow, maxi bloom and Koolbloom in various ratios depending on plant stage of growth.

Additives that are always used:

Cal Mag
Silica blast

I have water the plants once transplanted into the autopots. Once plants are established in the autopots then I flip on the reservoirs.

I run 1.7-1.9 EC throughout the grow until flush. PH at 5.5-5.6

I start out in veg with 100% maxigrow through to the end of week 1 of flower. Then I switch to 2/3 maxi bloom 1/3 maxi grow until around week 4-5. Then 100% bloom. During the last half of peak flowering I add Koolbloom for 2 weeks. It’s a PK booster that really adds bulk to the flowers, increases resin content and terpines too.

Once plants are 2 weeks out from being done, I drop EC to 1.3 for one week. Then in the last week before chop I run only plain RO to let the plants eat up the stored nutrients and chlorophyll…. Allowing them to fade and yellow out before harvest.

Without further ado here’s what I currently have going on now. Currently 7 plants in total as I had to yank one, it hermied on me.


First up: Exotic Genetix "Money Maker" she's a badass plant. Thick indica leaves but on a stretchy but robust structure with great internodal spacing. Structurally she's perfect.



Next up the Platinum Kush Breath. Stout stocky bushes, structure isn’t quite as nice but to be fair these were topped randomly to keep them small while I was waiting for the flower tent to open up from the last run, so I can’t hold that against them and the reviews of the strain are top notch.



Next we have ACEs pure Malawi. This is a 100% pure African Sativa. Some phenos can hit 30% THC. These days modern hybrids hit 30% quite often but to have a pure landrace type Sativa hit that is unheard of. The effect is supposed to be devestating, we will see. Check out those leaves. She even looks aggressive 😂😂😂👇👇👇😍



Next is an amazing cross that contains very rare old school genetics. The Doors x original haze. I have 2 other phenos I’ve grown out in the past. One (#2) might be my favorite smoke of all time. Strong black pepper and oriental spices on the nose and the effect is EXTREMELY energetic and uplifting. Herbal cocaine. This particular plant #3 … is a completely different seed plant then the ones I've ran before. So I'll compare it to #1 and #2 that I've been holding back and make a final selection as my keeper. As of now hands down it’s #2 but we will have to see what this #3 brings to the table.

These pics were taken while she was still in the tent so the color is off from the others, due to the grow lights.




…. We are currently at 13 days 12/12. Will update as things progress.
Had the ladies out today for a photo shoot. We are at week 3 of flowering. I think I might have over edited the photos somewhat, still getting the hang of things

Up first ACEs Malawi. 100% pure African Sativa. Supposed to be some serious smoke.





Exotic Genetix Code Red. By far theLoudest terps of the bunch. Strong mouthwatering fruit punch/strawberry aromas up front with a mild chemical astringency on the backend. Early frost too!




Exotic Genetix Money Maker. Strong, stout plant starting to gear up into overdrive.





The Doors x Original Haze. Although I have not grown this particular plant out before I have two other phenotypes saved back because they are so good. Plant #2 is like herbal cocaine. Extremely energetic. One of my favorite smokes

This is #3





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Your plants look super healthy! Very nice! Following.

Thanks! The autopots produce amazing plants. For the last 20 years I’ve grown organic soil and organic amendments, worm castings…. The whole shebang.

Switched to autopots, coco and salts … and this was the result of my first test run with them:





….. vigorous growth, insanely healthy plants…. Easily 30-40% more yield and terps are off the charts. I used to be a believer that organic soil produces better terps or better highs but from what I’m seeing… the best terps, yields and potency comes from the healthiest plants no matter how you get there.

Needless to say I love my Autopots! HA!

Working on getting my chilis to grow in them outdoors but res temps are hitting 110 degrees sometimes so root problems are an issue…. No matter what kind of micorrizas you supply.

I’m currently doing multiple experiments though to figure out how to apply this to them
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Some pics of a few of the plants at day 30 12/12. I’ve definitely been pushing the upper limits of EC and also PPFD. You can see some tip burn on some of them but they are taking it. Will probably back off a bit on the next res refill

PKB #1. Much taller and stretchier than PKB #2 by far and she’s definitely frosty-frosty! She looks great and is incredibly sticky.





PKB #2. Much shorter, stockier, and extremely FAST. This girl looks like she’s finishing up already!!?? I’m completely dumbfounded by this. I just switched all the hybrids feed to 100% bloom and the Koolbloom PK booster. Hopefully that will spur some fresh pistil pushing and swelling of the buds. Previously they were on a 1/3 grow and 2/3 bloom mixture.




Up next the code red. Still by far the terpiest of the bunch. Great fruit punch terps. Extremely sweet. Beautiful dark black leaves as well.





Next is the Money Maker. Slower than the others, leaves are just barely starting to turn purple-ish. This plant is supposed to finish jet black with jet black buds.



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Nice, frosting up even the big fans on that first one!

FWIW I always burn the tips - can't know how much is too much until she tells you!
Nice, frosting up even the big fans on that first one!

FWIW I always burn the tips - can't know how much is too much until she tells you!


I like pushing just a bit. Unfortunately I burned up the satties a little. They were on the same res as the hybrids…. And I knew at some point I’d need to change them to a separate res but all through veg and stretch they were super happy at the same EC as the hybrids so I though shit they are going to hang the whole way. Then I went on a trip for a week came back and the satties have curled tips… went too far.

I have now separated them, and put them on their own reservoir at 1.65 EC so they should be good to go now…. But they are burnt up pretty good.

They’ll be fine in the end but definitely below my standards. I won’t be trying that again that’s for sure:

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Unfortunately, down here in Alabama, no such thing as legal, or decriminalized. Medical is still a year or so away because of establishing “commissions”, and “appointees” and such…🙄
They punish us when we screw up, lol. Grow a bad one and I'm tasting it for weeks.

I should mention this is my first grow in this brand new setup. It’s a new tent, new lights, and new autopot setup although I have grown in autopots once before.

Happy to say the satties are greening back up now that their EC is dropped and I was able to correct ph that drifted up on me while I was away on the vacation. I switched the hybrids to 100% bloom nutes 2 days ago …. Maxi grow and Koolbloom… and they are responding by already packing on the frost.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about them though lol…. They are beautiful, super frosty but seem to be very low yielding strains. We are only middle of week 4 though so we will see if they bulk up towards the end. Although PKB #2 almost looks done already. Insane. I’m not going to take her before 45 days at a minimum. Going to try for 7 weeks as that’s stupid short as it is, but all her pistils are dying back already so I guess we will see. The code red is starting to frost up and it’s packing in the weight. Looks on track! I think any of these crosses into my pure panama red would be a killer combo. The panama would up the yield and the PKBs would up the frost. Might have to do some pollen chucking by reversing my panama red mom. 🤔👀

PKB #1




PKB #2





Code Red

That plant will be a breeze and a delight to harvest - those plump, neat buds. *bink* *bink* *bink* 30 minutes. Beautiful, OZZZ!
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Thanks guys!!! Now I just gotta get my chili game up to match my cannabis game lol. Will have to pull the PKB #2 out of the tent for some shots soon… under the lights the frost gets lost
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