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Ozzy's 2016 Grow

So here we go again on another glorious year to plan, plant, and pillage.  I'm going to start with my grow list which will get updated as I acquire more seeds.  If you're interested in trading or just want something I have and want to send a SASBE feel free to PM me.  I'll also put a list of seeds I'm looking for at the bottom.  Thanks for stopping by and good luck to everyone on their grow this season.
Early Jalapeno
Biker Billy Jalapeno (Buckeye)
Purple Jalapeno
Aleppo  (Judy)
Golden Cayanne  (Chocscotchbonnet)
Goats Weed  (Buckeye)
Cumra Cherry  (Judy)
Sweet Cherry
Mini Bells
Orange Thai (Romy)
Dragon Thai
Wild Grove Pequin (FLBorn)
Aji Panca  (Judy)
Aji Mango  (Judy)
Aji Pineapple
Aji Brazilian Starfish  (Buckeye)
SB7J (spaceship and grass hut pheno) (Buckeye)
SB7J yellow  (Romy)
7 pot yellow  (Buckeye)
7 pot yellow brainstrain  (OCDChuck)
7 pot red brainstrain   (OCDChuck)
7 pot choc brainstrain (Lovespeppers)
7 pot white   (Buckeye)
7 pot burgandy  
7 pot BG   (Buckeye)
7 pot BG choc  (Romy)
7 pot primo (JCW10) 
Jay's Peach Ghost/Scorp (JCW10)
Nagabrain yellow (Romy)
Bhutlah (Romy)
Yellow Devil Tongue (Chocscotchbonnet)
MOA (Judy)
MOA red (JCW10)
P. Dreadie Scotch Bonnet (Trident)
Freeport Orange Scotch Bonnet (Trident)
Stuffing Scotch Bonnet (Judy)
Chocolate Scotch Bonnet (Judy)
Carolina Reaper
Red Bhut
Yellow Bhut
Chocolate Bhut
White Bhut
Peach Bhut SS (Judy)
Caramel Bhut (Texas Hot Peppers)
Bhut Orange Copehagen (FLBorn, D3)
Chocolate Scorpian (Buckeye)
Ice Scream Scorpian BT (Buckeye)
Yellow Butch T (D3)
Fidalga Roxa (D3)
CPR (Butch T seeds)
BTR (Butch T seeds)
Caramel Moruga Scorpian (Judy)
Red Moruga Scorpian
Peach Fatallii  (OCDChuck)
Yellow Fatallii  (Helvete)
White Bullet Hab
Carribean Hab
Black Congo (OCDChuck)
Yellow Datil
Naga Morich
Peach Naga (Texas Hot Peppers)
Pimenta de Neyde (Judy)
Mystery Wine (JHP)
Mystery Citrus (GM if and when he sends them to me ;) )
Manzano (not sure if yellow or orange, they were mixed up)
Tepin x Lemon drop F2 (OCD chuck)
Aji Pineapple x Butch T Yellow (D3)
Paper Lantern Hab x Butch T yellow (D3)
(Note: This list is forever changing lol, like most)
I'm still interested in getting more Thai varieties or colors.  If there is something else not on my list though I may be interested in it as well.

Over winters are still doing well.  Lots of new growth.
First hook of the season goes to the Ice Scream Scorpion

First round of seeds should follow this hook pretty close. 
I also got the next round of seeds started too.  I still have to sit down and figure out how many of each plant I'm going to go with.  There are a few varieties I will do 3-4 of the same plant.  Its nice getting the season going :).

Germination is going pretty well so far.  I started to put my next batch of seeds into the 72 cell tray.  Only a couple of varieties are giving me grief so far.  My CPR seeds from Butch T were not the best.  I have 2 that have sprouted so far out of 6.  I put the rest of the seeds in a tuppaware to germ but 2 of them were cracked open.  Not real hopeful but at least I'll get a couple of plants and I can always save seeds from them.  
Runescape said:
Nice grow list, looks like the first batch of seeds was a success.
What tomatoes are you planning to grow this year?
Probably the same as last year. Big Boy, Roma, and San Marzano. I may throw something else in there to try them out. Any recommendations?
Genetikx said:
Looking great Ozzy!
Thank you sir :). Can't wait to see that train. I need to get my additions ready to put in there.
Finally got around to potting some plants up from the 72cell trays. Still quite a few more to do. It's that hard step of culling and figuring how many of certain plants to keep.

Really digging the square pots though. They fit great in the trays and are much sturdier than the solo cups. The label maker is nice too :)