Pallet Tech Projects

I love the hardwood ones for firewood. I get about 20 every year for firewood. To supplement other firewood.

Nice project about recycling.
So I was looking at the planter and thought that if I just made each one a shelf, I could add one more shelf on and have tr perfect place to set my seed trays:


Also using one screw in the middle would give me a hinge and a screw in the front to hold it in place could be removable and it would fold up to store when I don't need it.
Recycling some 10' 2x4's that I picked up last weekend. These are 8' benches to go with the tables I built with the 150 year old doors.

Legs and center tie.


Center tie and a leg in place and ready to be attached.


Waiting for my driver battery to recharge so I can attach the center braces.


I'll have them installed tomorrow and start sanding them then my wife will finish them.
3 benches finished. I found some 2x4x96's in really good condition so I used them to build the 2 benches that will go inside with the table and the other one will go outside.
Before sanding


After the first coat of paint

Thanks for following this project. I wont stretch out the next one so long and it'll be a garden related one.
Nicely done RM.
I was wonderin where my old table saw went. :lol:
Time to add a little bit to this thread. The garden projects I had planned got put on hold when I had to haven2 surgeries done. First one had been planned for to fix the base joint of my left thumb which was bone in bone. Didn't plan on breaking 2 bones in my right foot though. So 3 months later the hand is great and the doctor is allowing g me to put up to 40 pounds of weight on the foot so, the wife decides she wants legs under the tables I build out of a couple of 150 year old Heart of Pine Pocket Doors. I originally made some Saw Horses to go under them but the take up leg room and space where one more person could sit on each side. Here's what they look like now,


Let's get started with the new legs. The doors are each 92.5" X 42" So, everything works better when you have good plans. Here they are.





4x4's cut to 28 inches with the chop saw and then 1" deep by 1/2" wide groove cut on the router table.

Stop line


There's a corresponding stop mark on the fence.



Tongue was cut on the router table too.


Now my son is always after me about why he has to use only hand tools. I told him that he needs to know how to do things with hand tools before he learns power tools. So I showed him that the tongue could be cut with a hand saw also.


More to come in a bit, cheers!
Oh damn I love what I've seen here.  Missing when the wife worked for a place that let her take home the left overs after they cut two by fours.
I need to work up plans for a small propagation growbox from pallets.
Already have mounted potting benches (also work as a bar when not being used for that purpose).