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hot-sauce Peach Garlic Chipotle

Hey everyone! Here is my latest creation batch V2.

Local garlic (PA here)
Smoked red jalapenos and carribbean red habaneros I grew on apple
White vinegar
Lemon juice

This is definitely going to get perfected because the flavor combo of the peach and garlic is mind blowing. I need it hotter hah!


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Some grilled/smoked vidalia onion would be awesome in there. A very Georgian thing with onion and peaches.
Mind if I copycat your recipe for my own consumption? 😍 Reading this made me long for some hot sauce, even though it's early in the morning.
Sure thing! What makes this unique is just my sauce making and pepper smoking style/techniques. You'll be surprised with the garlic peach combo! If you want a bottle I can mail in USA flat rate. My Instagram has whats in stock and I am trying to keep updated here also!
I appreciate the offer. If I ever visit the US, I'll be sure to buy some from you. For now, I'm planning to make a peach, garlic and smoked pepper concotion from my own harvest this summer. I'm sure it won't come near to yours in taste, but I'll be sure to give you the credit when I feed it to anyone who's willing. :) The combination sounds like heaven.