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Pepper Alchemy

Just a little fun we had so I figured we would share it to see if he gets everyone all hot and bothered... soaked 200g of dried powder in 200 proof ethanol and then roto vap'd off the alcohol and sent off the oil for testing. Hodge podge of peppers were used. Color variants of ghosts, scorpions, reapers etc were used.


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Love it! What would you do with this stuff, though?
Take over the world... not much to do outside of some gimmicky hot one off item or adding heat to something very efficiently. We just wanted to play around with it to see what actual lab results would yield. Just some good ol fashion fun. Might make angry buckeyes for our farmers markets using this as the source of hate.
"then roto vap'd off the alcohol"

What exactly does that mean?

And where did you send it for testing?
To purify the sample down to just oil a lot of ppl will allow the alcohol to evaporate off but rotary evaporating allows you reclaim the alcohol and purify. 200 proof can get pricey so reclaiming it can save money. It rolls in a flask while rolling in a warm bath to cook off the alcohol. We sent our samples off to Southwest Bio labs. If you click on the screen shot at the bottom of my initial post you ll see lab details on the results.