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I'm wondering if any NC based businesses would mind helping out the "competition" :) Or perhaps would be interested in working with a new supplier?

This is my first year actually having any product, my third year of trying. My first year I lost almost everything to a freak summer hailstorm, and my second year everything flooded and drowned. So I finally got a harvest!

What I've been doing this year is drying them, planning on selling small bags at small local specialty shops. I know a few already that would likely carry them. But I want to do more than that, and I'm planning to expand operations over time.

I'm mainly focused on superhots and maybe specialty peppers. For now it's just a family side business and I can't do the scale that would make lower-profit peppers like Anaheims or Poblanos worth growing.

I've been talking to the Extension about necessary steps to move into value-added, like powders and spice blends. Also playing around with recipes for sauces but that's probably still a long way off.

So I'm mainly looking for advice on how to move this on a bit more and/or retail product makers interested in working with a local small farm.

(And having just read the "Red flags" thread, I'm wondering if I'm posting a bit too soon :) )