Pepper Grower From Florida!(:

Hi guys my name's Brandon Pitti! i've been told i should introduce myself to you guys. I am turning 16 this October. I've been growing super hot peppers since I was 14. I am currently in Florida and will be moving to the Republic of Panama where my parents will be buying 5+ acres. I'm trying to stock up on lots of rare varieties (pure strain) for when we move so I can grow a lot more than I have been. I've got a green thumb and I know how to grow! I hope you guys have had a good growing season(: You can find me on Facebook where I am on more frequently than this. My name on there is "Brandon Bernardo Pitti). 
Keep it spicy:D
:welcome:  from sunny South Florida! :woohoo:
Welcome to THP! These are some of the friendliest, most decent folks out there; trust me when I say you're going to be glad you joined.
I'm a fellow Floridian (down in Miami). I don't know if you're aware of it, but there's a festival called "I Like It Hot" in Largo tomorrow and Sunday. Some of the Central/South Florida THP members are going to be meeting up; I drove up from Miami last night. If a parent would be willing to bring you, I'd be more than happy to share some pods, seeds, and sauce. (I know the parent thing may sound silly, but this is still the internet, after all). :) 
Anyway, hope you can make it.