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misc Pepper ID App

Sadly, I often lose track of the variety of hot pepper somewhere between sprouting and harvesting. Does anyone know of an app to identify hot peppers. I have picture this, but it just says it's a pepper

For next year take a spreadsheet and stand looking at your garden and put the names of each plant in the cells in a way that you can point them out later. If one dies, delete that cell.
Has worked for me for years.
Sorry no help to the initial question but maybe to not have it happen again.
I sprout my seeds in a 3-tiered sprouter and have a list of what went in what tray. Then use colored toothpick when in peat pellets and paper pots. Then once in the garden or earth boxes, I lose track of what is what, even after using plastic labeling sticks
As scruffy said, you just need to make a plan of what is planted where in your garden and make sure you write everything down as you go. This way, if you lose a label along the way, it will be easy to find what variety it is.

No magic needed here, only better organization ;)