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Pepper ID please

At the suggestion of wise folks here I went to the local Fiesta and found these. Sorry for the bad pictures. Could the first one be Manzano and the second one ????



Thanks man according to the interwebs they do look likesquash peppers. I'm on my phone right now. Ifanyone has an idea of the heat level that would be very helpful :hands full with kiddo can't see to well on this small screen:

Sorry forgot to say heat of both. Thanks again!!


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Manzanos are somewhat variable. I've had some that were screaming hot like a fatalii, and others that were mild like a jalapeno. Squash are generally mild - about like a Big Jim or a hot Poblano.
Thanks again for helping me out. Much appreciated! They also have something labeled green habanero belize chile.looks just like a sort of ripe green hab. Anyone seen one called that?