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misc Pepper package in the mail

Hey all. Picked up the mail today and was surprised to find this SFRB from someone I haven't heard from in a long time. Some of you older members remember him. Bhuter! Several years ago I got him to send me a box of peppers and he included his 7 pot Cinders in it. I saved some seeds and grew them out, isolating some buds and when they matured, I sent the next generation seeds back to him. That was a while back and included in this box are some of the F6 cinder pods and some isolated F7 seeds. I'll definatley grow them out come next season. There are also some Judy's Brown Moruga, 7 pot Madballs, Chocolate Scotch Bonnets, Carolina Reaper x SRTSL, Orange Bhuts and a huge version of Judy's Brown Moruga that he calls Warped! This box is filled with fire for sure. I'll be giving the a try soon.
Glad to see he is still growing and doing well.
Pepper people are the best!


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