misc Pepper Powder Vials

Amazon has packs of 100 10ml plastic test tubes with screw-on caps for 11.99. It looks like these would be good for keeping powders in, especially for general carry-on or sharing samples with friends. My box just came today. I've seen the type with push in caps before, but never trusted them. These look pretty secure. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005Z4R9HI

Any challenges filling them.  With that small diameter I could see myself making a toxic mess.  Probably would get me in trouble, but like the size also.  Some guys I work with that I converted last year with my powders got some key chain viles and now take it everywhere they go.
Pecan became probably my go to last year.  I think it was the best smoke for peppers for me.  
I use a funnel bought some large plastic straws heat a knife edge melt one end of straw then snip to size fill and melt closed made up a bunch keep in my center console wallet and Heather's purse great for emergencies always have some heat on hand :)
JoynersHotPeppers said:
You might find it changes the flavor a tad, I always store in glass and use glass shakers. The exception is the food grade BPA free bags I used as an alternative to glass jars for refills. 
They probably are great for temp storage. Nice score!
Where do you get your glass shakers?  I have a lot of different types this year and want to use glass as much as possible,
Thank you.