preservation Pepper preservation....

I know its been posted but I cant find the answers I want.
How long will pepper powder last in a jar at room temp? How long will it last vacume packed and frozen? Does it even need to be frozen? Also, how long do whole frozen peppers last in the freezer?

Thanks for any answers! Any other methods of keeping peppers are welcome!
Ummm....powder lasts forever I think. I don't believe you would ever need to freeze it and plus, it's powder so it won't have any moisture in it to actually freeze. Not sure how long whole pods last in the freezer.

Now, I don't speak from experience because my powders don't last more than a months....
if you're talking about vacuum sealing with "foodsaver" it'll (chiles) last a couple years. powder or crushed flakes sealed would last probablly until you're dead. if it was sealed & dried right.
moisture & air is what destroys food. mostly air when it comes to food preservation since air can bring moisture into the food which then also destroys it, but then again when you think of it it is all air that destroys food look at canning granted they use vinegar or salt but if the seal breaks & air gets in the food is destroyed.