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annuum Pepper size (rellenos)


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I really like Chile Rellenos, but I seem to have a hard time getting peppers consistently big enough to make good ones. For Anaheims (and the related Numex varieties) I use Sahuaro and Big Jim - Sahuaro is the most consistent size-wise, Big Jim generally turn out a bit small for stuffing. For Poblanos I have yet to find a variety that produces good-size peppers.

I've SEEN what I'm looking for, but I can't seem to find the right varieties, or the right growing conditions, to get it.

And on a side note - I would like to get some bigger Jalapenos too, for my customers. The ones I've had last couple years are a bit on the small side.


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I've grown a good size pepper for stuffing this year, only problem is I have no idea what it is, possible seed or tag mix up. Whatever they are they are big and tasty. If I ever find the name I'll let you know - not much help for you there.
ETA: it's probably one of the Spanish peppers - that helps doesn't it? :lol:

As for jalapenos - have you thought of growing espelettes, they're bigger and have the same heat
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