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flavor Pepper with the strongest citrus flavor ?

I am looking for a pepper variety that has a VERY STRONG citrus flavor.

My number one so far is the Limon (chinense) but i think nature can do better.

Extra points if it is early or prolific ;D
Have you tried Chinchi Amarillo(baccatum) yet? They are pretty citric and shorter season. I'd say they taste more like Lime than Lemon though. Plenty hot, but not habanero level. Comparable to LemonDrop(baccatum) in heat, IMO.

I've never had that LYBS, but it sounds good!
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If you are looking to blend some peppers together for a citrusy sauce you might want to consider a few peppers to combine and that hit different notes like lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit. You might want to throw datil into the mix.
Lemon Drop definitely no citrus - somewhat soapy taste and smells like cat piss! Good heat but not so nice fresh - unless in ceviche - but super delicious pickled.

The most lemon flavour is definitely the Yellow BrainStrain. The most mandarin/clementine flavour is the OG Bhut Jolokia.
Bulgarian Carrot Pepper has the strongest citrus flavor of any pepper I've tasted so far.

As it stands it's my favorite tasting pepper so far that I've grown. The flavor is so uniquely citrus/tropical, like biting into a spicy orange with the citrus of a lemon.

That said the plants do tend to be smaller in my experience.
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I just fermented a blend of fresh Lemon drop & Manzano with a couple dried Datil pods. Tossed in a few garlic cloves, a little pomegranate syrup and the juice from a couple clementine oranges. The results exceeded my wildest expectations.
Fatalii was the first one to pop in my head when I thought citrus. I agree with the Limon chinense being citrusy too. Madame Jeanette and Devil's Tongue have that citrusy flavor but both are more balanced with smoky/nutty/peppery flavors too. My original Scotch Bonnet TFM has a very nice citrusy punch but again it's balanced with other flavors. Beth Boyd used to offer a strain of Cumari (the only strain I've ever grown, I know there are others marketed as Cumari or Cumari ou Passarinho) that was very productive and the fruit was a nice hot little citrus bomb. Beth also had a yellow Habanero strain that I wish I still had viable seeds for, that strain was just outstanding! It reminded me of a scotch bonnet but was different enough to say 'yeah, that's an Habanero'.

Honestly, I think most yellow chinenses have that citrus flavor, at least as an undertone.