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flavor Pepper with the strongest citrus flavor ?

I am looking for a pepper variety that has a VERY STRONG citrus flavor.

My number one so far is the Limon (chinense) but i think nature can do better.

Extra points if it is early or prolific ;D

Grass Snake

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Check out Aji Limo

Edit: disregard if same as Lemon drop but I thought it was a different pepper. Some sources say its the same..
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Have you tried Chinchi Amarillo(baccatum) yet? They are pretty citric and shorter season. I'd say they taste more like Lime than Lemon though. Plenty hot, but not habanero level. Comparable to LemonDrop(baccatum) in heat, IMO.

I've never had that LYBS, but it sounds good!
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The Hot Pepper

If you are looking to blend some peppers together for a citrusy sauce you might want to consider a few peppers to combine and that hit different notes like lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit. You might want to throw datil into the mix.


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GhostScorpion yellow and Fatalii yellow both have a very citrusy flavor IMO.