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Peppers I'm growing

Cheers peeps! I have about 32+plants. All are on deck; some haven't given fruit but plenty of flowers some have fruit but aren't ripe yet.
Most plants have only a small harvest... This is after getting hit with 2 frosts. All lost leaves...most made it!

Either way here's a list of a few that have done OK...

Top right to left...
Puerto Rican Aji Dulce
Aji Dulce
Trinidad Seasoning
Bishops Crown (local farmer grew seeds from Bhuter last year)
Super Chilli
Red Habanero
Orange Habanero
Lemon Drop
Chocolate moruga scorpion
F8 Triple Threat (white seeds grow purple ripen white)
JPGS jays peach ghost scorpion
Yellow TMS
Red Primo
Chocolate Primo
Dragons Breath
Wiri Wiri [emoji1121] really like this 1 (350k-550k)

Thanks all... I'll close with a few quick pics!!!

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Haha Thanks WiriWiri i figured you liked the last one. When i got it, it was supposed to be piripiri after google found the right name lol tasty one for sure!

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Hey Bookers!  Hopefully the season isn't coming to an end too soon as I need every warm sunny day I can get.  Great to see that you've gotten some nice harvests so far.  Hope you have plenty more to come still in the ensuing weeks.
Thanks CD I'm in Pa by the end of next month we'll have a frost lol. We can certainly have some more fun in the [emoji274]

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Actually it's not done. I plan to cut the posts put a flat edge on and cover the outside in cedar... i already have hundreds of boards about 21" to place vertically all around the outside.... maybe stain too lol idk

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