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water Peppers in final pots taking a long term to need water


I've put my peppers in their final containers and although they seem healthy it's taking a while before I need to water them again. Its been over 7 days since I've watered them. The soil on top is dry as it should be but further down the pots they're still quite damp. These plants are living in a greenhouse outdoors.

Should I be alarmed?

Cheers. I've actually been fine. I started by directly watering exactly where I knew the root system started and now they're requiring more and more water.

Always learning! I hope things go well for you too.
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I’m having a similar problem!
Growing plants indoors with a strong grow light.
They seem to be doing ok, but they are quite droopy at times, and rarely need water!
At the moment it’s been almost two weeks and when I stick my finger into the soil it is still moist. I’m in New York and it’s pretty humid but this doesn’t seem right!
It’s my first time growing peppers so I am wondering for any observations or tips regarding these. Thanks!
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