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PepperSproutFarm 2022

Another year has begun. This year as the last season comes to an end. Tonight Jan2 is our first frost of winter. So as I'm thinking of the grow season ahead. I am also pulling my final harvest. Had a terrible 2021 season due to Hurricane Ida. But I learned a lot about preparing for such an event.
Still working on this year's list but do have several varieties that I will be germinating today.

Yellow rocoto
Big Chocolate Mama
7 pot primo
7 pot Douglah
Red Naga Brain
Red Bhut Jolokia
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Death Spiral
Mustard habanero with thick wall (pheno hunt for a friend)

Final harvest pic.

Nice batch of color to round out the 2021 season,
@peppersproutfarm! Nice to see someone grow-
ing an old school Red Bhut Jolokia. One of my favorite
BJ's to grow.

:cheers: here's to a great 2022 season! No hurricanes!
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Well my grow list is FUBAR. A few cold nights having to bring them back in from outside have definitely stunted them. Have not had any new growth in a couple of weeks. I've decided to start some seeds and buy some starters from local nurseries which will affect my variety. But I've managed to get some beds prepped in a few things in the ground. Sweet banana peppers as requested by my wife (got to keep her happy), jalapeno, orange habanero, and I plan on planting some Serrano today.