pests Pesticide mixing ratio

I have bought some hot pepper seeds at very high price and want them to grow at any cost , however i already lost battle 2 seasons due to whiteflies , thrips , broad mites , aphids .Neem couldnt save my plants . This time i have Nuclear weapons like Imidacloprid 17.8 SL and Nagraj505(Chlorpyriphos 50 + cypermerithin 5%) . Problem is here i can get any pesticide easily but i dont know how much to mix in Litre of water . .  shopkeeper says to use whooping 5ml/Litre for any pesticide but many sites or youtube suggest to use 0.25 ml/litre of Imida and 1ml/litre of Nagraj .Anyone who have used it kindly tell me the dosage for seedling stage as well as young plant .