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Peter Peps! Grow Log


I've never successfully grown peppers before. My attempts to grow mutants ended in failure. But this season, I'm trying again. I'll exclusively be trying my hands at a variety you guys have probably heard of, known as the Peter Pepper. It's a pepper variety known for being shaped like a private part. I'll be growing the red ones, which are the most phallic. I received the seeds from a shop in Belgium known as Badskin's Garden.

Using tricks learned from Khang Starr, I have used a plastic soda bottle and a plastic bag to contain a plant. I put three seeds in there and added water. I put the contraption in my windowsill.

I hope this works. Keep in mind this growlog will be updated semi-sporadically.
I think yours looks good. Sometimes, with my plants, the first leaves fall off. Mostly some time after an event like drought (me not giving them water), the opposite (me overwatering out of love) or some other hardship. They turn out fine in the end!

Are you planning on repotting Peter in a big pot and keeping him inside, or will you be planting him out eventually?
That's exciting nune.

I always harden off my plants. Toughen them up for outdoor live and letting them get used to the change in scenery. I don't want any sunburn on the leaves that will stunt my plants in their growth. Not enough time for that. 😀

I leave them outside on the first day in partial sun for 2 hours, the next day for 3 hours. The day after I'll try full sun for 2 hours, then 3 hours. I build it up over the days till they can handle a day out in full sun. It takes up a week to two weeks.

I can't wait to get my plants outside!