PexPeppers 3 Packs!

Hey there, I recently hit a big kickstarter and I am finally able to bring you the sauces you crave. 
Why not try out the following?
  • Cosmic Peach orange habanero and peach hot sauce (Heat 5/10)
  • HornetBOMB honey and red habanero hot sauce (Heat 7/10)
I also have 3 Packs right HERE and seeds right HERE
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More flavors coming soon.
Here's the updated deal
Hello guys, after having my account jacked and then restored, I can finally bring you guys back Hot Sauce! A lot has changed since I moved so pay attention! 
Why purchase PexPeppers hot sauce? Our hot sauces are very high in flavor and with little to no sodium! We have sold over 30,000 bottles ALL OVER THE WORLD! Our sauces are very high in chile concentration, use local products, and taste GREAT! If you're looking for some vinegary franks red hot or Cholula, don't look here! We have flavors such as Orange Habanero and Peach, Honey and Habanero with a hint of lime juice, and even a full bodied taco sauce for you to try! Keep your eyes peeled in may for the return of a seriously hot sauce. Painapple, with the worlds hottest pepper the Carolina Reaper! We don't just do hot sauce though, we have plenty of chili pepper seeds for the gardener in your life!
We do ship all over the world, just use our shipping calculator at the cart page. While you're there, put in the code 30OFF for 30% off all hot sauce.

Also, dont forget about our Three Pack!



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