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Pinoy83's Continous Glog 2013

here we go my first ever glog, this my first time growing peppers so please bare with me with my unorganized plants and pictures.my growing medium is MG potting mix, MG moisture potting mix, perlite, red and black cindersused jiffy pellets and my aerogarden to sow my seeds.

my grow list is all mixed:
giant green bell pepper (home depot)
jalepeno (home depot)
serrano (home depot)
poblano (home depot)
anaheim (home depot)
numix twilight (amazon.com)
explosive ember (amazon.com)
charleston pepper (i forgot were i got this from)
pretty purple pepper (amazon.com)
bhut jolokia (i forgot were i got this from)
orange habanero (not sure)
bolivian rainbow (amazon.com)
cowhorn (free seed from pepper joe)
peter pepper (pepper joe)

ok gonna start my new grow list pretty soonmy grow list:

Thanks to Pshngo, Auction:
7pot yellow
7pot jonah
7pot chocolote
7pot red
7pot brain strain
7pot brain strain yellow
yellow bhut jolokia
aji chuncho
yellow fatali
chocolate habanero
red trinidad
naga morich
trinidad scorpion butch T

Thanks to Spicegeist:
Bonda Ma Jacques (OP)
choco habanero (OP)
Bombay Morich
Choco Bhut x cajamarared bhut (OP)
maya red (OP)

Thanks to LanMan:
red cayenne
orange habanero
Red habanero (bonnies world hottest)

Thanks to Wayright:
Scarlett Lantern

Thanks to Ajijoe:
Surprise Superhot mix
Siling Labuyo
korean chile mix
BG Bomb Cherry
Yellow Thai
Cherry Bomb
Bulgarian Carrot
Black Hungarian

Thanks to Heirloomchef:
Tobasco Sweet SB
Aji Brown
Aji Dulce yellow
Grenada Seasoning
Trinidad Seasoning
Trinidad Congo Yellow
Trinidad Congo Black
Red Bhut Jolokia
Yellow Bhut Jolokia
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

Thanks to Denniz:
Devils Tounge
Satans Kiss
White Habanero
Peach Hab
Goji Berry

Thanks to Shane:
Thai Ornamental #1
Thai Ornamental #2
Thai Ornamental #3
Goats Weed
Orange Manzano
Red Manzano

Thanks to Melissa:
Yellow Manzano
Red Rocotto
7 pot Primo

Birdseye Chili (kitazawa seed Co.)
Thai Holy Basil (kitazawa seed Co.)
Japones (Garden Gate Seed Co.)
Nok Guk Put F1 (korean store)
Wa Mae Wo F1 (korean store)
Han Rim Ggwa Ri Put F1 (korean store)


2/01/12 seeds in the aerogarden 2x explosive ember, 2x bhut jolokia, 2x habanero, 1x pretty purple pepperthe one the 1nch pots are my trials for jiffy pellets

2/08/12my first sprouts from my jiffy pellets transfered all the sprouting seeds in a open container
2/09/12 my mini open green house in the living room
2/12/2012 all seeds germinated in aerogarden
2/12/2012 my first batch transplanted to my 4 inch pots
2/20/2012 my 2nd batch transplanted to 4 inch pots
stickman said:
Good luck with your "strippers" brah! I'm doing similar with my Chinense plants this season. Powder production looks luscious, and hope the new soil mix gives your babies a boot in the a**! Cheers!
thanks brahhh....hopefully they dont die lol...dunno what will happen to them after i added some other stuffs in my mix
some finished mix dried peppers...


another small harvest...







Hey your Yellow Bhut actually looks like a Bhut, I say that because most of the Yellow Bhuts I see are smooth skinned and more rounded at the tip(which screams "something else yellow besides a Bhut :rolleyes: ).Looks to be ready to monsterize as well.
What are the Sbbj7 looking red ones that are the star of the show so to speak?
It would be hard to pull all that Basil , just for foodies sake....but we all do strange things for pods don't we?
Have a good one-
+1 on #1137... looks like you got enough heat stockpiled to declare yourself a capsaicin power... ;)  Nice harvest pics too brah! Continued success!