auction PJ's Grand Auction Finale - 25 fresh picked varieties - *** CLOSED ***

Its the end of the season for me! I just went out and collected 25 different varieties of peppers. These are my last pods. Pictures speak louder than words so check out the pics below.

These are OP, so collect the seed at your own risk. They may grow true or not. Seeing that all these plants were next to each other. There maybe some interesting hybrids :). Some of the peppers included here are not much in number, but are there for seed collectors or those who just want to try a pepper variety, like cheiro roxa, siling labuya, bishops crown, etc.

  1. US Only
  2. Paypal Only
  3. Bidding starts at $20, increments of $1 dollar, shipping is included in the bid!
  4. Auction ends 12/16/12 on Sunday at midnight central time sharp, i will ship the MFRB monday morning 11/17/12
  5. No buy-outs or early ending offers
The whole table

first row (piquillo, kung pao, datil, yellow bhut)
second row (7pod primo, cheiro roxa, bishops crown, choco bhut)
third row (red bhut, yellow 7pod, fat red bhut)

first row (pimente espelette, red 7pod, unknown, bahamian goat)
second row (trinidad scorpion chocolate, butch t, yellow brain)
third row (piquillo, kung pao, datil, yellow bhut) - same as first row above

first row (cartoon pepper dude, brain strain CMPMAN strain)
second row (brain strain CAPPY strain, bagiou phillipines pepper - very tasty green, scotch bonnet foodaram, fatallis)
third row (trinidad scorpion yellow, red datil, siling labuya, 1 pod yellow scotch bonnet papa joes)

Some notes on peppers
  • bagiou pepper - a pepper from phillipines my dad got, very tasty green when eating with rice. including red ones so you can collect the seed and regrow.
  • unknown - looks like red datil, not sure, lost the label :)
  • kung pao - excellent in stir fry, red ones so you can collect seed if you like :)
  • chiero roxa - a beautiful rare pepper, turns from purple to creamy purple/pink. Plant has purples leaves
  • bishops crown - looks strange but tastes great.
  • fat red bhut - a fatter non-wrinkly variety of bhut jolokia. Same seed source produced the red bhut you see (wrinkly one)
Good luck!
I boxed them up into 6 sfrbs which fit into one mfrb. Sorted them so similar lOoking ones are not in the same box. Each box has the peppers listed inside them.

I do know from experience from my last auction last week, he did get the peppers for a friend in the US, so it is safe to assume that and so the auction is now at $45.

I PM'd him to clarify in this auction, but he must been asleep there in korea :)
My bid is on behalf of a Texan for Xmas- cheapshot, and there has never been issues in the past- if it goes to a US customer- pathetic complaint. I have bid and won many items , and lost. The Hot Pepper is registered in USA, and that's where my membership is doiks. You can't send to Korean, duuhhh!
So its confirmed by Bootsieb, this is for someone in the US. $45 is the winning bid so far ... 3 1/2 hours left till auction ends. Remember it ends at midnight central time US.
Oooo last minute bid for $50, 4 mins to go!

Auction is over, congrats boiler, ill pm you with paypal info. Please send me address.