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Planning for next year - non peppers

This had to be one of the very worst years to grow anything since I started. A late start thanks to having accumulate enough money to buy a weed-eater, lawn mower and rotary tiller. A decent start but several beat-down rains in June that kept the soil more than wet for three weeks. A July drought. Whitefly from hell infestation that is widespread. Very high temps in early August. A groundhog that I have not spotted in three weeks but keeps taking bites from my maters and broccoli.

What I won't grow next year:
Peanuts - a novelty crop I wanted to try; now I've been there, done that
Peas - what a waste of ground
Zucchini - Not a bad plant, but takes up way too much ground
Sorghum - see Peanuts
Legend/Siletz, Better Boy Tomatoes - not worth it, too many other types that do better
More than two Banana peppers - if I knew one would survive, it would be enough. Fantastically productive.
More than two cucumbers - see zucchini. A caveat would be if I can find a good Gherkin type of plant.


Delicious, Stuffer, Florida 91 and Red Zebra tomatoes. Probably add Celebrity, Biltmore, BHN 589 and a couple others.
Carrots - Had problems with them germinating but the ones that did are looking fantastic.
Onions - gotta have a few of these
Alpine Strawberries - Really looking forward to next year. I ate some last night and they were fantastic. They should be far more productive in their second year.
Calabrese Broccoli - just need to get it out earlier.
KY Wonder Pole Beans - about 8 feet of space provides more than a pint of beans per day. Then again if I preserve 60 quarts this year, I may skip them.
Swiss Chard - what a great plant. Nearly indestructible.
Black Simpson Lettuce - just gotta "burn a bed" - fill a space with twigs, branches, logs and set it afire. Only after tilling and raking it, but it will kill all the weeds. Then take the time to cover the area after the seed is sowed with a sheet.
Potatoes - hopefully they will not rot in the ground in the mass numbers they did this year. See the June Rains.
Peppers - got have some of them. Fish, Cayenne, Hungarian Hot Wax, Hot Banana, Jalapeno, Bell.
Tomatillo - A good plant so far; dozens of fruit have set on one plant.
Herbs - Basil and Cilantro. Lots of plants.

A Special Project

If I get to do the raised bed next year, the theme will be "A Beer and Beverage Garden"
Barley, Hops, Rice, Dandelions, Potatoes, Grapes, Corn, Juniper Berries, Sorghum, Rye, Wheat, Strawberries and to top it off, dwarf Apple, Peach, Banana and Lemon trees to make Schnapps. Arabica Coffee and some kind of tea plant will also be nice. It would also be nice to find some yerba mate seeds, for those who want caffeine!

I really like the beer n beverage idea. I may try hops and barley next season myself.

I love doing peas myself. I don't know why. I usually end up freezing them and giving them away. Also, I plan on doing pole beans. I've done bush beans the past 2 years but I don't like how much space they can take.

Raddishes are one of my favorite non-pepper plants. Quick to grow and have such a wonderful taste. Always helps get through the dragging maturity of my 60-75 day plants.

Gonna do cilantro, basil, possibly rosemary in a small herb-only section. And this time I won't kill them or forget that I have them.

And I really have to cut down on my tomato plants. I ended up with half of my garden being killed by the indeterminate nature of the tomatoes. Worst part was, I was never home enough to have time to prune and cut them back to save my poor lettuce, peas, and certain pepper plants.
Sounds great, just planted Coffee seeds. Think you may like lemon trees as there my best fruiter at this time. Still looking for a Tea Tree or seeds. Hope you get it going.