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Plantguy76 2024

Zapotec Jalapeno (Baker Creek 2023 Seed extra pack I saved for 2024 )

Piranha SB ( variant of Marion's SB seeds form RFC )
Since this is a variant I will refer to it as
Marion's Scotch Bonnet red .

I got the Marion's Red SB because I liked the flavor & heat profile
I grew seed once of papa dreadie of Erin seed stock shared by Gary Montcalm back then .
My was red it looked just like a papa dreadie only red & form what remember it flavor & heat was like this one.
The other varieties was gifted as freebies form Jim.
So I am growing them out I will need to bring my containers over for some of these etc

Sweet Scorpion 🦂 ( from RFC)

Maldivian Lemon 🍋 (off pheno )Is Maldivian Heart type but doesn't have the heart shape so called Maldivian Lemon

Maldivian Heart Orange 🍊

Starting soil master garden organic with Coco coir.
Welcome to the fray, my friend!
I hope you have a great season. Jason.

Interesting looking seed starter. Will be interested
to see how it performs.
Started late Saturday all sowed
I added some old green zebra tomato seeds hope those sprout along with the others .
I had a little flake of Marion's Red SB had some heat to it .
I also tried a bigger flake of the Maldivian Heart Orange .
The Maldivian Orange actually kinda tasted orange to me & had some good heat
I also tried a sweet scorpion flake it was sweet & fruity with good heat.
So that is my current favorite.
I wonder how the Marion's Red SB & sweet Scorpion will compare fresh till then it's waiting for germination
I am planning on getting a heat mat & bring my grow tent over to moms might need a new light we will see when the time comes work in progress
So far no germination only been four days I count the day after sowing as the official start of germination plus it being cooler its natural to take longer but that should change being inside the house now it's 75 & soil damp
6🍅 s Green Zebra 🦓

2 Marion red SB hooks
1 sweet scorpion 🦂 hook soon to be a seedling.
1 seedling of a Maldivian heart orange
1 Maldivian Lemon
Looks like there may be 6 Zapotec's but some may be culled I don't know yet
Did some watering last night might do a bit tonight not sure still learning this seed starter & mix
I think it be a good one if I get the hang of it
My germination hasn't been good this year but some seedling's are better than none & maybe it's for the best since I am still in the long moving process.
I still haven't got a heating pad or my four tier greenhouse here form my old place.
So I guess this is goodish .
That said I only had a grow tray & plastic humidity dome back years ago when I started Jamaican Red Mushroom & got good germination
Maybe it's just this year lots of things can be a factor
Also still got to get my containers here
I been toying with the ideal of sowing a few old seeds it can't hurt not loosing anything I guess some or most I don't even remember how old they are anymore 😆