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Plantguy76 2024

Zapotec Jalapeno (Baker Creek 2023 Seed extra pack I saved for 2024 )

Piranha SB ( variant of Marion's SB seeds form RFC )
Since this is a variant I will refer to it as
Marion's Scotch Bonnet red .

I got the Marion's Red SB because I liked the flavor & heat profile
I grew seed once of papa dreadie of Erin seed stock shared by Gary Montcalm back then .
My was red it looked just like a papa dreadie only red & form what remember it flavor & heat was like this one.
The other varieties was gifted as freebies form Jim.
So I am growing them out I will need to bring my containers over for some of these etc

Sweet Scorpion 🦂 ( from RFC)

Maldivian Lemon 🍋 (off pheno )Is Maldivian Heart type but doesn't have the heart shape so called Maldivian Lemon

Maldivian Heart Orange 🍊

Starting soil master garden organic with Coco coir.
Mom early on mixed up my marian reds & zapotec Jalapenos
It looks like more Marian's to me
I would to cross a Marian with & Zapotec
I did notice the bees are starting to do there part
I also somehow accumulated a bunch of tomatoes
I must be a plant hoarder lol
Both pics are the same plant.
I have some more of them some are more compacted than others it be interesting to see the difference maybe some are closer to the yellow version
This is supposed to be a Carolina Reaper it's form Jessie's veggies & I got them from a local store that sells there plants
It doesn't look like a capsicum chinese but a capsicum annuum or cross to me
I did find out that there plants are open pollinated so who knows only time well tell
I saw these at Lowe's one plant doing a mougra phenotype while the other is what I expect
I understand that there are ones that look like ghost peppers as well.
The plants was huge