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pod Please help ID this pod I found in my community garden

PepperBottom.jpg PepperSide.jpg PepperTop.jpg

Found in a neighboring plot in our community garden

It is ~2 inches, maybe a little less. Slightly wrinkled, with a smooth, slightly waxy skin. Seems similar to a habanero, but the shape doesn't seem quite right. The skin gives off a very pleasant floral aroma, but it also smells like it could be quite hot.

It looked like it had very recently fallen off the plant, but we were unable to identify which plant it came from.
To me, that looks like it could be a short Shishito pod. Just a guess.
Ate it today, raw. Definitely not a Shishito. Not a lot of heat, but way too much for a Shishito.

Heat level was in between a Jalapeno and Habanero, probably closer to Jalapeno.

Flavor was amazing though. Reminded me of a Habanero, the sweet floral flavor was there. So it's possible it's a milder Habanero variety, but I don't know enough to say.

I saved the seeds, and will be attempting to germinate.

Would still love an ID though!
To me, that looks like it could be a short Shishito pod. Just a guess.
Pretty good guess BF. That's what came to my mind as well.

Would still love an ID though!
Several years ago, I grew Charleston Hot. It kinda resembled this pepper, but it was longer. Maybe yours isn't fully mature, or it could have been the first pod off the plant? How about asking the owner of the plot?
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