pests Please Help Identify Bugs

Hi all. So it has been a decent success with my cheap indoor grow light but now today I found I have a bug problem. There is a bunch of tiny moving brown dots on my pepper leaves and I am seeking help on what they are and how best to get rid of them. Pepper is indoors on a desk with grow light on 16 hours and off for 8. Pepper is a Black Pearl. Hopefully this zoomed up image will help identify these bugs as I have never encountered these before and do not want to lose my plant. Thank you.


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Those look like aphids to me. A good spray with a bottle spray or hose outside can clear off most of them.. Maybe try to find a lady bug larva or two to clean it off for you. Beetles can work too, they are just more prone to wander. If you can find yourself some Aphidius wasps, those also work great indoors, if you don't have hot lights that kill them. Orius are another decent indoor predator, but they don't do nearly the damage the other two do.. They are more effective at the smaller aphids, thrips, eggs, and other tiny insects.