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disease Please help identifying these issues

I have a few indoor plants that seem to have issues and I would really need your advice.

First there's the browning of the leaves in the first two pictures. It's been affecting the plants for a long time and I'm sick of it. For example, in the second picture there's a new chili plant which has germinated and grew quite fine for a few weeks, but now the leaves are being affected by this issue.

Then, there's the third picture in which we may see some black spots.
I checked and there are no aphids around. What else might cause these issues?

I know that good ventilation might help the plants and I intend to move them outside as the night temperature have increased. But besides that, what else could I do?


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The temperature inside is around 20-22 Celsius for now as it is still pretty cold at night, humidity around 60-70%.
No mist, no fan, only some fresh air from outside once or twice a day. Anyway, they will be moved outside soon.
Regarding the growing tips, I will try to get back with photos.