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plant POD/Flower ID video

Hi so i thought a video would be most helpful to try ID my collection of plants.
I believe i have 3.
1. Grows pretty large pods that when eaten green taste like peapods but left to turn red are lovely and sweet and sometimes has a tiny touch of spice. Those are the ones with the large leaves. First plant you see in the video.
2. The ones that are thin and green with small leaves are HOT HOT but left to turn red are hotter. They are not hot to the point your mouth is numb and your face is red, that's not what i am looking for anyway. I like a chilli that has kick to i but you can taste the rest of the ingredients. 4:18
3. The 2 that are tall and didn't start to flower until a good bit taller than the rest. There are only 2 so far and they have fat pods. I have not tried these yet. 1:52
There could be a 4th kind as there are ones that look kind of different from the rest, i thought they were the sweet kind at first but the leaves are smaller and the pods are not as long as the sweet ones and turned red a lot quicker. I also think i picked one and it ended up hot instead of sweet. 2nd and 3rd plant you see in the video maybe
All flowers are white and seem to be of the Annum variety. Although all plants don't have flowers there is ate least 1 of the 3 kind of plants with a flower to be able to ID the rest.
I thought the hot variety may be Cayenne, PiriPiri or maybe Birds eye? As for the sweet kind and the one that have the fat pods no idea at all.
Your plants are looking pretty good (to my unaccomplished eye).
I think you are correct about them being annuums.
The thin, hot ones look like some kind of Cayenne.
The fatter, sweet ones look like some variation of a NuMex pepper.  There's a nearly endless number of variations and derivatives of the NuMex sweet peppers, and I'm not a good enough expert to tell them apart.  But they look something like an Anaheim or a Big Jim.
If they've been spending a lot of time indoors, with just the sunlight coming through the windows, then it's not a big surprise they're dropping a lot of blossoms.  There's nothing terribly wrong with that, if that's all your weather will allow.  It's just your plants way of deciding it's not getting enough sun to support all the flowers, so they're dropping most of their flowers, and concentrating their energy on just a few peppers.
If you can get them into fuller sun (without giving the sun-burn in the process), your plants may give you more pods.  But if you have to move them in and out all the time because of your weather, they may struggle to adjust.
Lastly, I apologize if I misunderstood your question.  But when you say the stalks of your peppers were "drying out", I think that may just be a normal transition to a woody stalk.  Pepper plants become "woody" as they progress.  The woody stalks I saw in your video looked normal to me.
Yay great to finally have some names to them.
Yeah that was what i was asking about, the woody looking stems.
The weather has been rubbish this summer so far but i guess i shouldn't give up hope as we still have July and August to hopefully get good rays.
Thanks for the reply.
Does nobody have an idea about the plants seen at 1:52? I am yet to try them so don't know what to expect.
Oh wow! 
Something has changed! Those peppers that i said are sweet well they are not any more for some reason! The seeds are flaming hot so i think it was down to me over watering the plant and thinning put the spice. My mouth is on fire right now!