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Pod Problem - split/crack - rain? Red Alert

So, this happens with too much rain? Never seen this before on my plants. ughhhhh
Any help is appreciated!!!

I haven't looked inside yet, but will at lunch. If it doesn't look ruined they are going down the hatch, but this can't be good.
That happened to all of my orange habaneros last year and made them rot. I have no idea what caused it because all surrounding plants did not have the issue and all got same sun and water.
Thanks man. I can't tell if it is garden wide, as there are no pods on the surrounding plants. It isn't happening to my container plants though. Thank goodness!
Strange! I will be following this one! I wonder if it has to do with rain and then hot sun after ? The rain could make the pepper skin softer and then the hot sun comes along and causes the skin to crack. Kinda like when the skin on your hands and lips cracks? Just guesses lol
That was my guess yesterday when I picked this one.
It was very hot leading up to the rain we received this week Chew....So prob thinner walls(no new growth),and then we got rain for three days(ie new growth). So the pepper grew,and the thin walls cracked.
Go look at tomatoes :)
I'm so thankful for yesterdays rain! Being that its my 2nd year(only had 3 plants year 1),yesterday was my first time to pick more than 2-5 pods. I had 10 or so that had more green than red. Three days later...I picked 14! Not a ton compared to some on here,but I was def lovin it!
Also, I have a lot of leaves that cracked/beat up from the rain/wind. So my guess was that they were dry as well. Then the new growth just made the cracks more pronounced.

again this is just a guess :)
Yes, that is because of excessive rain. Some plants seem not to be able to control their water uptake, and the pods' skin literally splits open from being too full of water. They will form what is very much like a scab that you or I get after we manage to split our skin open - it's not attractive, but it's not dangerous, either. As long as any changes you see remain just at the surface and right along the splits, the pods are ok. Again, not pretty, but ok. If, however, the changes spread beyond the splits or start getting to the internal tissue of the pod, toss it. 
Yeah, pretty much unanimous! WTF we don't get soaking rain in July! Ahhhhh the grass is green though, which generally doesn't happen in July with watering restrictions in place.
Oh, and one more thing..... The temps don't matter, it's the volume of water that is taken up by the plant and distributed to the pods. I've had that happen following heavy fall rains when it's quite chilly and cloudy here.