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Possible Scam?

Voodoo 6 said:
They are not after your money, they are after your ip address. 
Could be in some instances I suppose. To what benefit? The ones I've dealt with are pretty adamant about the money...   
To my knowledge I haven't had any negative repercussions, but I do know not to ever open any attachments....
Here is the exchange that went with the check in the second picture, I did it up as an instructive/humorous piece and shared it with some folks... 100% real. (I will clip out a few details not to share here, but all were present during the exchange)
[SIZE=14pt]So, I get this message on my cell phone[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]That’s odd, my phone number is on the ad (that’s how he/she texted me) but they want me to e-mail the information. Ok, I’m gonna play.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]So from my city email I sent the following (clearly being a smart *ss, trying to let them know I am on to them) and figured once they saw my signature, they would bail.[/SIZE]
From: Sharpe, Reginald
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 1:36 PM
To: 'roy4dav@gmail.com' <roy4dav@gmail.com>
Subject: craigslist inquiry
I do in fact still have the items you inquired about via text message to my phone at 5:14 am this morning. I would prefer cash in small untraceable denominations or equal value in sterling silver. The price is $500 for all the lot and if you meet with me today, I will also include a voucher for a free stay at the Roundbar Hotel. If you want to purchase the items remotely, I will require a certified check for an amount at least $300 greater than the value of the appliances so that I can ship them to you.  As the post explains, two of the appliances work and the other two do not. I think that one only needs a fan or possibly a new fuse. The other one needs a new compressor according to a technician I had check it out a few years back. The one (that needs the fuse or fan) was exposed to water during the big storm we had last year and my neighborhood got flooded. The water may have caused the damage. So if you have it repaired please advise the technician that the problem may be related to water damage.
I am also selling a slightly used retro incabulator for $250 that I have not posted yet. I would be happy to show you that as well.
Also I have a small business and would gladly give you a few samples when you come by, the website is www.warrantmanpepperco.com
Detective R.E. (Reggie) Sharpe
Warrant Unit
843-740-****  office
843-709-**** cell
“Have warrant, will travel.”
[SIZE=14pt]I then received the following reply:[/SIZE]
Hello am sorry for the late responses.I will purchase the
item from you and will be adding $50 extra for the item asking
price,so please kindly withdraw the advert from CRAIGSLIST.and i will
be paying you via bank certified check from my Bank and the payment
will be delivered to you via FEDEX next-day and i will like you to get
back to me with the following information to facilitate the mailing
out the check to you... .I will need the below details to mail the payment as soon as possible.
Name to be on the Check_____________
Home or office address(No P.O.BOX)___
City__State__Zip Code_______________
Phone Numbers_____________________
FYI:You will not be responsible for the shipping of the item..and I
will have my mover come over for the
pick up as soon as  you have the check cashed at your bank,and i will
get back to you once my secretary made the payment out to you
Sent from my HTC One on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network
[SIZE=14pt]Really? After all that they are still on the hook… Ok, let’s keep this idiot train rolling…![/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]My reply:[/SIZE]
From: Sharpe, Reginald
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 9:46 AM
To: 'roy4dav@gmail.com' <roy4dav@gmail.com>
Subject: RE: craigslist inquiry
Thank you!
Name:     Warrant Mann
Address:    2500 City Hall Lane  #510
                   North Charleston, SC 29405
Phone: 843-740-****  or 843-740-****
[SIZE=14pt]The response next day around 10:00 am:[/SIZE]
Thanks for your information,,I will get back to you with the tracking number of the check as  soon as the check mailed out to your location,and i will also advice that you consider the item sold for me in other to prevent from other buyers ok
[SIZE=14pt]Then another at 4:30 p.m. :[/SIZE]
how are you doing?I will like to let you know that the deal is still on and the payment is already sent via FEdex Service which is going to delivered tomorrow morning or next tomorrow,I will get back with tracking number and the item will be picked up as soon as you receive the payment have it deposit to your account for 24hrs to clear,Some funds was added because of shipper,deduct money for the item and $50 for your running around and send the rest fund to the shipper via Western Union because shipping funds was included bcos the shipper will also pick up some other items for me in some location close to you which the money included  by mistake,i will like you to remove the advert on CL and also keep other buyer off,Do get back to me asap.Ok Regards.
Do get back to me with your phone number just for confirmation.
[SIZE=14pt]This morning (Thursday 10-19-2017) :[/SIZE]
Good News to you,payment will deliver to you today and thank you for your trustworthiness on going transaction and here is the confirmation # by Fedex with the tracking number(770526773380)...Once you have the check payment, locate a nearest ATM and have the check placed on 24hrs deposit by using either your debit/credit card and take a picture of DEPOSIT SLIP after you make the deposit and send to me. Afterwards withdraw the shipper fund and visit the nearest Western Union Outlet around you to have the shipping fund wire to the shipper information below,, follow my instruction given to you as you will need to deposit the check...You  will deduct the cost of the purchase from that..and also deduct $70 that is to cover the cost of your  running around and then have rest of funds wired to my mover so that they can be able to make the trip over there for the pick up around later. Here is the shipper information to send the money to via Western Union in money in mins pickup option at the nearest Western union outlet to you......
Here is mover information to have the money sent....
Receiver name:..... George Thomas
Address:....126 Manganese st
zip code:....89015
Email me the transfer details as soon as you have everything done,I
will need the details of the transfer from you once you have
sent funds,Such as
Sender's name and address:
MTCN (10 digits Number on The Receipt)
Actual amount sent after Western Union charges:
Location for the pickup:
Please deduct the transfer charges from the amount you want to send to
the shipper  .Don't forget to send me the map quest to your location
for easy passage to the shipper.Go to the nearest Western Union outlet
with cash to make the transfer. I will await your response.
[SIZE=14pt]Can you follow this? Sounds complicated… but as if on divine que, Ms. **uzon brings me a package…. Can’t make this stuff up….[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Holy cow! Guess they didn’t catch the ‘Warrant Man” reference, can anybody be such a knucklehead….[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Guess what’s inside? Yep a check. Bogus as the day is long, would bounce like a rubber biscuit. Now, for the real question, how much is this guy gonna take me for? My cut is $500 plus the generous $70 for my “running around.” So make a guess, how much is the check? Don’t cheat, make a prediction… [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]The check is on the next page….[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]$2000 for a $500 purchase, less the $70 “running around” compensation, would net someone a smooth $1430 profit. If you could figure out those godawful instructions…. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]It is funny that there are people so dumb that they would attempt this with a cop, after being given so many clues. But, sadly there must be some people who fall for this crap or they wouldn’t do it.  The Fedex flat rate envelope is $7.50 [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]So I get a $7.50 laugh on someone.. but I might just take it a step further…….[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Beware of this scam, there are many variances, but anyone sending you more than you ask for the item you are selling, is trying to rip you off.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=14pt]Reggie Sharpe aka “The Warrant Man.”[/SIZE]
I once convinced a scammer that I was a better scammer than he was, and talked him into traveling from Lagos, Nigeria, to London, UK, on his own dime.  I was going to initiate him into "The Inner Ring".  I strung him along through a series of burner email addresses, and told him that each one was about to disappear, and that I'd not be able to answer again.  Everything that I told him about the methods that I was using, were things that I looked up online, embellished with a bit of knowledge that I'd garnered from studying Cryptology and some extra padding from my (very limited) IT/admin work.
He was pretty pissed when I didn't show up at the rendezvous point, which as some place that I picked from Google maps, and sent him some street level photos of.  He sent some back from the same place.  You could tell that my photos were like 10 years older.  :rofl:
Of course, he could have had a friend or associate already there.  But if he did, in fact, make that trip, that would pretty much be my best prank. 
On another note, I take no responsibility for contributing to illegal immigration in the UK.  :D
Ghaleon said:


I do appreciate the encouragement...  But in retrospect, it would have been much more awesome, had I chosen a much more remote location.  Some little village on the Isle of Man, or perhaps Reykjavik. (from almost equatorial Africa to the tundra of Iceland - insult to injury!)
I dealt with this one just last week:
I got a message that a "rep" from our local power utility calls in to my store and says "We haven't received payment in over two months, you'll need to pay us now in order to avoid us shutting your power off".  So I ask them for a moment to verify this as I thought our account was on autopay.  Looked it up and sure enough we had paid the power company about two weeks prior.
This isn't the first time we've had this scam tried on us, so I then ask the lady "How can you be impersonating the power company and try to scam people out of their money?  How do you live with yourself?"  And she hung up on me.
But I had their number, so I kept calling back and finally got through to a boss of the outfit.  He gets on the phone and I ask him the same as above.  His reply?  "Well I have a 7k a month condo in manhattan, a 2k a month car payment and I eat about 3k a month in food.  How do you suggest I make the money I need to live the lifestyle in which I've become accustomed to?"  
I responded that he sounded like a smart guy and that he should go legit.  With his ability for these intricate scams he surely could find lucrative work in the private sector - suggesting that he turn "white hat" or whatever.  To which he laughed and told me "get the fcuk outta here with that bs" and eventually hung up on me.
When I tried the number the next day it rang to "this number is no longer in service".  I called our local cops, they gave me a number to the state hotline on fraud.  The woman who answered told me good job and advised that I never give personal info over the phone.  And nothing more!?  She didn't even take down the phone number because in her words "They change phone numbers every day and are working multiple scams from their offices.  There's nothing we can do."
WTF?  Like I can't give you the phone number and you can't look it up with Ma Bell and find these fux?  These people are in the US and continually harass our more vulnerable citizens.  Why can't our justice system be bothered to take them out?
SmokenFire said:
WTF?  Like I can't give you the phone number and you can't look it up with Ma Bell and find these fux?  These people are in the US and continually harass our more vulnerable citizens.  Why can't our justice system be bothered to take them out?
Can't answer as a govt. representative per say, but from my limited perspective a great deal depends on "resources." The past week here we have seen 4 homicides. Guess where our resources are allocated?
Internet scams pose a myriad of issues. Where did the crime occur? Some folks argue the crime occurred where the "victim" resides. Others contend it "occurred" where the perpetrator was. So, there are many variables concerning jurisdictions, "buck passing" if you will. At least that's what I "think." Not to be construed as any "official" comment on the matter.
Prior to the internet, such long distance scams occurred via the mail, where the law enforcement arm "Postal Inspectors" would deal with it on the federal level.  In larger cases, historically speaking, they had some success.
A whole different story now. Yes, local agencies do arrest some folks from internet scams, but from my experience it has been where "local" interaction has occurred and no doubt what "crime" occurred or where. Typical scenarios are the "Craigslist" meet ups for exchange or other internet platforms for sales. You are either "buying or selling" something and agree to meet the person "somewhere." You get robbed at gunpoint by the "buyer or seller" at the exchange location. To combat this, my agency has set up exchange locations at our police substations where people can meet for such exchanges all the while being filmed. It has been very successful, and no adverse instances have ever having been recorded or reported.. Props for that.
As a citizen anywhere in America you should be "protected from crime" and "all" criminals held accountable. Your local police are paid by your tax dollars. Every instance should be held and treated the same. Is it?  Reality dictates differently.
Suppose in the instance I showed above, where clearly I was mailed a bogus check from New Jersey. Had I fallen for it and got duped out of my money, "me" the "victim" living in SC would have to contend amongst those a detective in New Jersey would have to deal with "face to face." How much resources would they allocate to my case when they have "local" folks screaming? Perhaps you get the point.
It does differ however, when they have made a case against a suspect and he/she might be in "my" jurisdiction or theirs. So if a "wanted" person (someone with open charges against them) in either jurisdiction, it will be treated somewhat differently. We don't want a bank robber or child molester from New Jersey living here, anymore than they want a bank robber or child molester from South Carolina living there, so folks with "open" charges are aggressively sought.
Not sure if I made any point at all, but do carefully consider all internet transactions. Be cautious of unsolicited offers, and above all else remember that "if it sounds too god to be true" it probably is.
It's also super easy to get an app for your cell that lets you spoof the number that you're calling from.  Not gonna lie...  got one myself.  I use it to figure out who is calling me, without acknowledging that I'm returning their call.
You'll never trace that call.  It's as good as having a "burner" phone.  Even your digital records will show a spoofed number, coming from the number that you tell it to appear from.
Yep i could change the ip in every post i make on here "on the fly" if i wished. Its as simple as using the Tor browser on a desktop. Tor is based on portable Firefox (no need to even install it) but uses proxies to make connections. Its very simple to cycle to a new  "exit node" in just a couple seconds.
The Tor software protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked.
Tor Browser lets you use Tor on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, or GNU/Linux without needing to install any software. It can run off a USB flash drive, comes with a pre-configured web browser to protect your anonymity, and is self-contained (portable).
The "luck" just keeps on coming... two more this week....
From Miss.Ariana Konane,
Abidjan,Ivory Coast,
In confidence,i have to introduce myself for i am Mis Ariana Konane, 22 years old, I am the only daughter of late Mr & Mrs Wilfred Konane. I prayed before contacting you, please for God sake do not see my mail as an embarrassment as we do not know each other before.
I wish to request for your assistance in my efforts to procure the transfer of my inherited money for investment ventures under your care and directive,while i will continue my education there in your country. I inherited Four Million,Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,500,000.00) here in my name with one of the prime bank in my country and i will require your assistance in receiving the transfer of my inherited money in your local account for investment purposes,as it is my wish to come over to your country to further my education while you take care of the investment of the money.
Please i am an orphan and i need your assistance to transfer my inherited money to your country and also your assistance to secure a nice school for me in your country where i will continue my education.Please i did not comfortable here because of my wicked and greedy uncles ,The uncles has took away all my father's properties and now looking means to have an access on my inheritance,This is reason i requested for your assistance to have my inherited money transfer to your custody for an investment under your care and directive,then after the transfer I will come over there in your country and live a brighter life also further on my education in any medical university as i want to study medicine to been a medical doctor in my life. 
Thanks so much.
I am waiting to hear from you for more details.
Yours sincerely.
Ariana Konane.
Greetings in the name of God my names is Mrs. Babara Armstrong Now undergoing medical treatment here in United Kingdom. I
am married to late Eng. Flex Armstrong who worked as a contractor in oil and gas firm before death in last Two years, We
were married for fifteen years without a child.My condition is really deteriorating and is quite obvious that I may not
live more than 2 to 3 weeks according to the doctor's report,because the cancer stage has gotten its 3rd stage together
with my old age.
l have decided to divide part of my fortune,by contributing to the Charities & Motherless. I am willing to donate the sum
of $6,450,000.00 USD to the poor through you[SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE].
[SIZE=11pt]Contact me through my personal email address: [/SIZE]
I clipped out the email address, had some hyperlink attached (want no part of that...)
Have you ever been the victim of telemarketers on your cell phone?  Despite registering every phone number you've ever had on the "Do Not Call List?"
A few  months ago, I received one of those annoying telemarketer calls on my cell.  The phone never rang, with only a voice message showing up, the result of a new form of telemarking known as "ringless voicemails."  I suppose I must have been having a bad day, as I decided to google whether I could file a complaint with the state AG, and found a place to do so using an online form.  Then, I promptly forgot about it.
Last week, I received a check in the amount of $100, as my part of a civil penalty assessed National Choice Energy LLC.  
Needless to say, last Tuesday was NOT a bad day.
bob65 said:
You seem to be a bit of a magnet for this kind of thing Reggie.
Could be the case... or maybe I'm just the one talking about it... 
The email ones all come in from the address listed on my business website.... I don't get any on my regular account that is not published.
The Craigslist ones are different though (don't know if you have that platform in Australia, but I'm sure you've something similar.)  Mixed bag of tricks. I really wanted a small Airstream camper a few years ago and found that more than half of those on Craigslist were outright scams. Gave up on the venture altogether...
There could be other issues at play, I don't discount that at all. I have pissed off a few people over the years......  ;)
I was made aware sometime last year about a scam involving inmates in SC prisons. If I can remember what thread it was I will copy and post it here. Not cross-posting but certainly more relevant in a "scam" thread.. Actually, they should do some kind of "awareness" piece on this as it is very real. Now if  can find it, sure hate to type it all out again...
Post Edit: found the story
Good points and those type stories appear in our bulletins and such, but not being a border state we don't see it here. What we have and do see along those lines involve the prisons and the means people attempt to introduce contraband. In the same instructor school I mentioned before, there was an Investigator for the Dept. of Corrections. His job involved investigating these activities and did a wonderful presentation on this subject. Some things I learned:
People will attempt to lob or catapult stuff over the fences at night. A popular one was a hollowed out Nerf football, some painted camouflage to match the grass and another one he mentioned was coated with sprouting grass seeds (like the "Chia pets" from 1980's TV commercials.) And not surprising was the new use of "drones". Gotta love technology.
A bit different topic somewhat, but I think anyone reading will enjoy, is cell phones. At current prison rate, a regular cell phone gotten inside will net $500-$1000. Smartphones $1500-$3000. Using smartphones and the internet, there exists a very profitable scam. The inmate will troll "dating sites" and pretend to be a girl. They target young dudes who post pictures of themselves in front of nice cars, military uniforms etc.. that look like they either have money or stand to lose a lot if they get in trouble. Knowing this, here's how it goes:
They make contact with the "target", engage in on-line conversations. Then at some point, they will copy and paste a nude photo of a good looking young girl claiming it is who they are communicating with. They will then ramp it up and ask for a nude photo of the "target" in return. The naive target, will sometimes respond with actual nude photo or "dick pic." When this happens - the hook is in. The next step they will ask for phone number to arrange a meeting to engage in intimate activities. If the target provides a number, it's "game on." 
The inmate will call the target claiming to be the "father" of the "underage" girl, who just discovered nude pics from the target on his daughter's computer. It varies a bit after this, but the most common situation is that the target "freaks out" and claims he didn't know the girl was underage. Then comes the clincher.. The inmate/father will say that he believes the guy didn't know and won't press charges if he pays for the computer that he demolished in a fit of rage. Sometimes, they don't "destroy the computer" but opt instead for outright continued blackmail. The targets of course fork out thousands and never say a word. The inmates who get caught at this, most always use the excuse that they were doing society a favor and just screwing with the pedophiles....
A long winded piece, but as much as folks have offered me here, I figure that likewise I will offer what I know. Hopefully, it will be of use and if not, maybe entertaining...
- Reggie
Just got this one. I know that this is legit, but I gotta go there for a discussion. Airfare is but a small price to pay. Cote D'Ivoire here I come!
Hello Dear,
I am Mr. John Walker, I am a business consultant based in Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire. I am being consulted by some Libya business men who want me to assist them to arrange for partners who will work with them to get their funds out of Cote D’Ivoire.
The funds in question is the sum of US$750 Million which they are ready to share with you in the ratio of 50% for you which I will take 10% from your share of the money while they will take 50% to themselves.
If this business is positive to you, I will like you to kindly send me your full name, your telephone and mobile number and also your full address.
Please be aware that you will be required to come down to Cote D’Ivoire. For a round table discussion and also to enable you enter into agreement with the Libyan business men.
I am looking forward to hear from you so as to enable us make a positive move for your coming.
Please note that this transaction is risk free.
Expecting to hear from you,
Mr. John Walker,
John Walker sounds like such a nice name.
Sure seems legit to me!
Enjoy your trip WarrantMan, don't forget sunscreen. :lol: