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greenhouse Posting this here because I guess it falls under "greenhouses"

So this spring we converted the infamous terrace of our two story apartment into a veranda (plastic roofing) and wow did it make a difference in growing chillies. First I get total watering control this way, rain does not affect me (except for the rain barrel I plan to make next season hehe) and secondly even though Sarajevo isn't a hot climate per say, the sun here is scortching. The indirect sunlight seems to be much better for the plants imo.

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This post could be placed in a "Grow Log" (glog)...  That is if you keep us posted as to the progress of your peppers.
Beside that, what a beautiful place to live !  I wish that I could stand on my patio and see what you see  :party: !!
I've looked up the average weather in Sarajevo before. Like you said it isn't warm.... more on the cool side.  You also have the winters.... It freezes in January just like it does here in Minnesota !! (we're colder in winter and warmer in summer).
Your plants look great.  Nothing to do for them now besides let them grow. When it starts to get cold, you could make a greenhouse-like tent or bag around the plants. Open the tent or bag in the day (so it doesn't get too hot), and close it at nigh (keep the heat in)t. Tedious (meaning... Pain-In-The-Ass) for sure but you could get more time on the plants.  From what I see in the pictures.... no flowers. Flower to fruit can take a long time with HOTS.
When did you start (germinate) you plants ?
Please keep in contact... I would like to know how your plants turn out.
I used to have a GLOG but it got phased out because of other things that I had to do at the time. Thanks for the kind words though :D
One plant set 2 pods but that's about it :/ tons of flowers on the plants these days but it seems there is no pollen on them to go around.
I will probably convert the shelf into a greenhouse thing. Once it gets really cold I will wrap it in Mylar and put up some CFL lights in there.
I started the plants back in January and grew them under CFL up until probably April since this year's winter was pretty long. I then transplanted them into bigger pots and just watered them every time the leaves started drooping. In total I fertilized once :)
As for the view, truly it is something to behold, Bosnia is a pretty mountainous area as is so a lot of people take these views for granted.