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Powdery Mildew Honeysuckles

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I have a couple honeysuckles and one is prone to powdery mildew. I am going to buy a hand pump sprayer for next season and regularly treat it with something natural. Hopefully, it being proactive.

I was wondering what you suggest as I have seen many solutions with water including:

Neem Oil (this is what I have used, but looking for something better, or maybe I just need to drench it often)
Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)
Potassium Bicarbonate (more expensive but supposed to be better?)

yada yada yada
PM hit my hop plants hard a few years ago and my squashes/cucumbers from time to time; once it is there it will most likely not disappear. Like CraftyFox said, if you can work on the air flow that should greatly help. Make sure there is no tall weed growing at the base of the plant and remove the lower branches so air can circulate around and under your bush.

I never sprayed for it because it always seem to appear near the end of the growing season. Here's an organic recipe I found in my hop grower handbook. Good luck and let me know if it worked.
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I have them on trellises but the one that seems more prone is a Scentsation. They don't get bushy they have plenty of room and air. Thanks for the tips.
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Does airflow at the bottom matter if it usually does not produce leaves there? So picture a 1/4" thick vine up a trellis and the leaves usually begin half way up where it tends to branch out. There is some clumping bamboo only shrub height below it. But not moving it lol.
I just peeped it and the flow looks fine. It's not directly in front of it anyway.
Well, if it's not airflow.. I'm going to need some pictures. And since PM usually strikes from the ground up, airflow around the base is very important. Sometimes here, we have situations where the airflow seems just fine in the day, but at night the air goes still and the fog rolls in.. Can almost hear the Ninebarks suffering.

Sometimes you just have to find plants that can thrive in a hostile environment, and this variety you have is supposed to be one of the more resilient, from what I'm reading. If that is the case, maybe your real issue is overall health. Could be another disease, malnutrition, cultural issue under the soil.. Honeysuckles are generally susceptible to PM, so it doesn't take much of a nudge off of healthy when the issue is already present.

Around here, everyone has powdery mildew in the yard, it's just a matter of whether it can be damaging or not. A lot of the preventative treatments will work, but you'll be locked in to the ritual of reapplication.. Constantly altering the pH of the plant and putting it thru changes can cause other problems too. They are okay on the short term, to get control, but you need to resolve the problem if you don't want to end up resenting that plant.
Heck, it may not even be powdery mildew. You know what, next year, if it happens I will ID it here first. Thanks!
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