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Pranks - Cool or Cruel?


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Got pranked by a coworker who put a rubber roach on my sandwich when I stepped away from my desk.... it startled me when I picked up my sandwich, indeed all my orifices clenched. Then decided to further the joke onto another coworker as you will see. It's particularly funny because the dude is as anal as you can get and wound tighter than Dick's hatband, absolutely cannot take a joke.... hopefully he won't come unglued.. we are all armed in my workplaceĀ  :shocked:
Can't predict when he will see it, may or not be able to catch it on vid....


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I like standing outside of the door when my wife is using the restroom and screaming when she opens the door. Gets her every time. I gotta wait at least a few days between each time though so she never knows when its coming.
I used to hang with a guy who pranked me by putting ketchup on my hand, then tickling my face when I fell asleep. So pay backs are a mother. I waited one night when he passed out on my couch, and I cut up a bunch of habaneros into thin pieces, then dribbled them in his mouth. He told me the next day, he woke up right away and knew what I did, but didn't want to give me the satisfaction so he suffered in silence. Habaneros were the hottest pepper you could get at that time, so it was a real ass kicker. He never tried me again after that, lol.