co-packer Production/Co-packers in midwest (Indiana)

Anyone know any good production / co-packers in the midwest (Indiana)? I've contacted a few but none can do my process, I'm hoping some of you might know some lesser known places that aren't really getting shown on Google.
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What is unique to your sauce that makes it difficult? If it is not proprietary....
Interesting...only 21 states have copackers listed. Washington state has 1 listed which i have never heard of and I know of 2 others not listed.

Florida's Endorphine Farms is not listed. Endorphine Farms does a LOT of copacking.
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So, the person needs to do their own research as to what is actually available.

Perhaps a talk with the state dept of ag, which usually licenses these types of facilities, would be able to point them in the right direction.
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