yield Prolific Peter Pepper

I'm growing a Peter Pepper that I started a while back. I have to say it is very prolific, the fruit seems to be popping up everywhere on it.

By the way, how "penis" looking are your peppers if you grow them?

I've got some better looking pods and then there are the contorted strange looking ones, but there definitely Peters because of the clef line on the end and the shape and look of them.

Do you think the blossom staying on across the grow gives them more a head, and do you think only growing seeds from the perfect looking pods matter as much. wouldn't you think its environment making some pod shape? I have seen some pics online that look pretty
only a certain percentage of pods have the "johnson" , look about them. a friend of mine has been drying them this year. really good like that.
I personally find them very dissapointing in flavor, and you usually have to use your imagination to see a unit
I personally find them very dissapointing in flavor, and you usually have to use your imagination to see a unit

I will change that... LOL....breeding project in progress..

I have my successful cross with Chocolate bhut.. we will see what the F1's look like..
I agree, not much flavor....I was intending to pickle and jar them for some "novelty" Xmas gifts. I couldn't get enough to ripen at the same time. I might grow a few plants this season to sell, but they're not on my primary list for the yard!

I grew them 2 years ago and was very disappointed with the actual "look" of the pepper. All the pictures I have seen must be extremely selected off multiple plants and yes, you have to have a vivid imagination to actually see what they are supposed to be. Taste wise, they didnt have much, a little heat, basically bland, I wont grow them ever again.
I threw 5 Bhut Jolokia's into a 5 gallon bubble bucket tonight. I might do the same thing with these.. I want to grow out a bunch of seed stock for them.

Also work on development of it change colors/ get it straightened out,, lol..
Develop different colors and shapes and the marketing possibilities are endless. Purple (Purple Passion Pepper), Red (Red Rocket Pepper, Fido's Peter Pepper), White (Frosty's Peter Pepper), A fatter version (Peter [Griffin] Pepper), etc.
Some of them look like peters some don't.
We grew several plants last year, and they all had wierd looking shapes. Flavor...meh...but enough to work into some dried chile blends. Never did find the "perfect" peter, but I think we're all still looking for the perfect peter. With a little imagination, even a marginal peter can represent~ ;)
I bougt what was supposed to be a Bhut Jolokia last year from a nursery here but when it grew it had peppers that looked a lot like peter peppers. The plant had the short fat leaves typically seen on some of the super hots but I saved seeds and got one growing now and it's leaves are more typical of what you'd see on a jalapeño or the like.I bought a Ghost but was screwed lol got a Casper instead a friendly ghost lol