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Propagating Rosemary help

Have access to this monster for some cuttings. Just arrived at shore house for va-ca and didn't expect setting up for cuttings. Not familiar with rm at all, no rooting powder, media or supplies. What's the best bet to last a week till I can get them back home, water or wet sand and what for rooting stimulation. This has been growing in my neighbors garden for +/-30 years. Thanks in advance, Happy 4th.


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  1. Cut Rosemary Clippings from your main rosemary plant. {Be sure to cut clippings from the newer green growth. Once the older growth develops a woodier stem, it will not sprout roots as easily.}
  2. Then remove leaves about half way up the clippings.
  3. Place stems in a small jar of water, and put in a well lit spot in your home.
  4. Change water to freshen it up every few days.
  5. After several weeks, roots should begin to sprout. {mine started around the two week point}
  6. Once you have a cluster of several strong roots, the clipping can be transplanted to a pot of dirt for your indoor herb garden, or outdoor herb garden.
Just arrived at shore house for va-ca and didn't expect setting up for cuttings. Not familiar with rm at all, no rooting powder, media or supplies.

I've done it a few times. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to make it work. I think it was one of the first plants I propagated from a cutting. Follow @Tinkerbelle and have patience, because they may be slow to take off.
Ok, sounds like any standard cutting. I'm at the beach so I've washed some semi coarse sand , scratched up some potting mix and water in solo cups. Gonna have three different routes and see what happens. Have dibbs if they decide to take it out. Thanks, Happy 4th
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One week in and have a couple root strands starting. Even though it's been in +/- 60% humidity, transpiration loss is easily visible. Rigged this up, water bottle / Pepsi bottle/ Taco Bell cup bottom. Popped some 1/16" holes in and here ya go. If it doesn't perk up, might remove some foliage. Thoughts?


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Left it out in the light rain this morning till it perked up, then covered and placed in back mud room in front of window. Leaving it alone for a couple days then assess before removing any foliage.
I often use clear plastic bags to cover cuttings and then spray a little water inside the bag periodically to increase humidity and slow transpiration. IME, the bags fit to form more, which seems to provide even better humidity. As quickly as you got roots I think that's a great sign. Given how well it's going for you I might try rooting a cutting off my rosemary, which is pretty root-bound.

Good luck!
Lost'em all, last four days have felt like(heat index)100*-105* with extreme humidity. Had them in back mud room under open window and bagged. Removed bag to prevent mold but overnight one turned grey then slimy, within 12hrs all repeated slow death. Will be down shore house in a couple weeks and try it all over again. RIP