Pure Evil 13 Sale CLOSED!


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The intro sale for Pure Evil 13mil Capsaicin Drops!  CLOSED!
Prices have been lowered on our new Pure Evil website, and also on the Amazon listing.
Regular price is $88.88, the sale price is $62.88 (discounted $26..... $13 x 2 ;) )

Purchaseres will get some bling and the first few orders will also receive a sample of Powdered Ghost Fire Hot Sauce (while supplies last).
Also available are a limited number of Collectors Tins for $99.99, of which $50 will be donated to the ASPCA charity.  I was intending to post a listing on Amazon, however, I don't have a bar code for the collectors tins, so it'll just have to be via PM and Post Here!  I'll be monitoring throughout the day and will post if they sell out.
The collector tins include a waxed, signed, numbered Pure Evil 13 tin which includes the Pure Evil drops and capsaicin powder, a 2nd Pure Evil 13 bottle to use and capsaicin powder, a Pure Evil gift bag, some bling, and a sample of powdered Ghost Fire Hot Sauce.


pureevil logo and cap.jpg

Thanks for everyone's continuing support!
Note- the Website shows the price at $88.88 on the product listing page.  I can't edit that part, but the shopping cart price is $62.88.
Thanks, OCD~  Appreciate the comments. 
CLOSED!  Thanks for all who took the opportunity to get some Pure Evil 13.  It is and will be available ongoing at the regular price.