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Purple serrano?? HELP ME Please!

I bought these seeds and I am pretty sure these are supposed to be purple serrano. It has purpleish leaves. The problem is they are going from purple to green to red but are still very small, like the size of a small marble or a pea even.  There are quite a few peppers on the plant but they have been there for a few weeks and have not grown at all?  They really just changed colors.  I am not sure if they gave me the wrong seeds and its a different plant or if maybe too many peppers were produced too early and is stunting their growth? Any help would be appreciated.  I have no clue on how/when to pick them or if I should pick some to allow the others to have the ability to grow bigger.  THanks!


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Couple more pics of the plant from above. I guess i need to taste one.  Red it ripe I am guessing?


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pull 2 or 3 pods off, with any color variations and photograph them on a table next to a quarter(to show their size) and add it to your original post and it will help. better lighting on the pods will ID them.
edit to add:    better lighting on the pods will help ID them.


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