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Pusa Asita black carrot

I recently saw this purple carrot on the baker creek web site and since I love everything deep purple I started looking for a local seed source immediately. Unfortunately they are nowhere to be found in my area and baker creek does not ship to europe anymore. Wouldn't be a good idea anyway because of the european import taxes. Has anyone grown this carrot and is it actually worth growing?

I grew them several years ago, but only got a few and the flavor raw was not impressive. Roasted could be another story. I think it's an Indian variety. Does India export seed to you? I found my new favorite last fall, an heirloom Japanese -Kyoto Red. Very tasty. Also Baker Creek.

What attracted me was the fact that the pusa asita was said to be the carrot with the very highest amount of anthocyanins. That alone is enough to get my attention 🙂