labels race City 4 Year Reserve label

We are set to release a limited amount of our 4 year whisky barrel aged pepper sauce that many had the pleasure to enjoy at Peppers at the Beach. We are set to release the first few bottles at the next Weekend of Fire at Jungle Jims in july. Below is a draft of a simple and small label that will be fitted on a 6 ounce glass flask bottle. let me know your thoughts

Looks good~

I know it's not the final version because it doesn't have all the weights etc on it. Perhaps put in small letters across the top "RaceCitySauceWorks" so folks know what RCSW stands for. And I like the mono-chrome look. Maybe try it in that color of old photographs.....sepia?????????..........whatever that brown photograph color is. If your sauce is a red-brown tone, it might look cool.........or not......... Just a suggestion.

I saw the taste testing vid of your products on ILikeItSpicy and this one sounds like a really cool sauce. Best of luck with it! I'm sure it will sell out in no time.
The cars looks pixely and the text has too much of the emboss feature in PS. Whisky should be whiskey with an e if it's bourbon.

How about a branded/wood grain effect like a barrel head?