for-sale Rainbow Medley Box


It has been a wonderful season, and I have a final flush of hot peppers I would like to sell.

I am asking for $30 for a SFRB (about 30 pods), or $115 for half an MFRB (about 120 pods). Amount may vary slightly due to pod size. Price includes shipping. I can only ship within the contiguous United States.

I have many hot pepper varietals on hand: Borg 9 Yellow, Orion, Orange Ghost, Gator Jigsaw, Charapón Amarillo, Scotch Brain, and many more.

I will label stems upon request! Not extra charge.

Hope you all had a fiery summer! 🌶👅🔥🚒🙃

Supplies limited.

Thank you all!



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I have a ton of Charapón Amarillo left. Would anyone like an SFRB of Charapón Amarillo? I was thinking maybe $23 for everything (shipping included). DM me if you are interested!