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Randers2 2021 Welcome Back Glog

Hey Everybody!
So, I really only have two full seasons under my belt, before taking a multi-year break from the garden. During which time I have moved to a new residence. Then, 2020 happened and I realized that I was not taking action into hobby anymore and it allowed my mental health to suffer. Then I remembered how much I love growing peppers and here we are!
And thanks to a couple members in this forum and a first order with Refining Fire Chilies, it's time to finally start a grow log and share my experience!
Here is the small list of peppers I am growing this year, and the dates the seeds were dropped:
Thor's Hammer Peach (x2) (02/01/2021)
White Moruga Scorpion (x2) (02/01/2021)
Dragon's Breath (02/01/2021)
Sugar Rush (02/112021)
Trippaul Threat v2 F3 Orange (02/01/2021)
Trippaul Threat F8 White (02/01/2021)
Purple Thunder F4 Yellow (02/01/2021)
Red Skunk (02/01/2021)
Moruga Monster (02/01/2021)
Peter Pepper (02/01/2021)
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion (02/11/2021) - Seeds I still had from 2018 from Tradewinds Fruits
Fatalli (02/11/2021)
Mystery Superhots (x2) (01/15/2021) - Seeds I still had from 2018 from Tradewinds Fruits. Package says they are chinense but unsure of what they are yet, of course.
The Plan:
All seeds have been started in rockwool cubes.
Once they germinate(d) they move to my 2 iDOO systems (Aerogarden knock offs) to grow some. 
After a few sets of true leaves form, they will move to 32oz mason jar Kratky systems to harden off
Final transplant will be into either 5gal Kratky or 5gal SIP buckets with soil
** A plant or two will remain in mason jar to see just how far the plant can produce in such a small reservoir
*** ONE plant each will remain in each iDOO system and grown indoors
Using Dyna Gro - Grow as my nute of choice for all hydroponic applications
I am a couple weeks late to getting on this glog, but so far every plant has germinated except for Jay's PGS and Fatalli. The two mystery peppers have already been transplanted into the mason jars and are growing outside. 
I will be making a post following this one with updated pictures of all plants at their current stage. 
Lastly, I have had algae break out on top of my cubes in the iDOO systems, as the top of the rockwool is exposed to the light. Is this a concern in the short term? Should I get some covers on them ASAP? 
Thanks for listening! 
Well, welcome back and hope your grow does well.  I wish I could make a plan and stick with it!  Seems like every time I plan I end up changing it many times.
I had algae on my cubes last year and several people on here said not to worry about it.  Some of the cubes got pretty nasty looking but no damage was done.  Covering them would help.
I like your choice of nutes.  I used Dyna-Gro and Masterblend the past couple years and had good results.  I just ran out of my DynaGro Grow and decided to order some Botanicare CNS17 grow this time just to switch up.  Hope I don't regret it.  (I still have some masterblend around)


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I'm with Ty. the algae should be no concern.
Good luck going forward, Randy!
Thanks everyone! I'm really excited to be back and I appreciate you guys! And thank you both for the info on the algae, full steam ahead we go!
Hey All,
As promised here are some pics from today. I didn't want to flood the reply with individual pics just yet until they grow some. But here is an overview of them all. 
Here's the two mystery peppers getting used to the great outdoors.

The purple beauties doing well!


The Sugar Rush is the newest baby to pop

Only worry here is the Peter Pepper. It looks awfully funky. The cotyledons are very long, and the true leaves just can't seem to quite fan out. Maybe they need more time, maybe a deformed seed. I haven't grown these so I'm not too sure. 


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Hey, buddy, the Purple Thunder and Trippaul Threat
seedlings look awesome. Great color!
Two aero gardens?
Thanks Paul! Yes Sir, two units. They are actually iDOO units. For the price I was able to get two for what one aerogarden costs. They have their limits, but for what I use them for they seem to be doing the trick


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Looks to me like they are right on, Randy.
iDOO is a brit company?