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Reaper help, leaf tan

I found this forum while doing some research... hope someone can shed some light here.
I ordered some carolia reaper live plants. They arrived fine, I kept them indoor a few days and slowly introduced them to light. Maybe 3-4 days later, I placed them on my porch, in the shade, when the temp outside was 74F + ... I did this for 2 days. Then I went and placed them in the bright Houston sun. The temps reached an easy 85F and the sun was beating. I brought them inside in the evening when the temps were blow 70. I did this again. On the 3rd day, I went to take them outside an noticed the leaves turning a wee bit brown?
Mind you, these plants did not have this discoloration when they arrived.
Ive attached some pics. Is this "sun burn" on these leaves? And if so, will it kill the plant, or is there some remedy I should follow to keep these guys alive?
Thanks in advance for any info.


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Don't worry, they will recover. The burned growth will remain burned and might fall off, but the new growth will be green.
Hardening off can be done easiest right during several days of rainy or overcast weather. I always take advantage of those few-day-long weather "downturns" to move my stuff outside permanently. When the sun comes back out, they don't seem to mind. Keep in mind that even on an overcast day, there is tons more light than a room full of MH can ever put out - they adapt well during that kind of light.
Thanks. It looks like some tiny leaves are appearing along the stem and at very top. I have hope. I've scaled back their outdoor play time for now and will be even slower to introduce them to the Texas sun.
They live, new growth, they stay outdoors in the shade now all day. Day time temps 85+ .. night-time, 70+
BUT, yesterday and today, I tried to give them full sun, and within a few short minutes they look wilted. like, literally 1 or 2 minutes. They have enough water, I'm quite certain, actually, maybe just a wee bit more, as the soil is nice and damp. I put them back in the shade, and 10 minutes later, they look "un-wilted" and normal again.
Do you think the Texas sun is a bit too much for them? Or is wilting a normal process of direct sun introduction? I am wondering if I should just put one in direct sun and leave it there to see what happens over a few days... but my gut says "nah, it'll die."
Thoughts on wilting? They have good water, etc.
Hardening off takes about 2 weeks. Any new growth with your current daily conditions will just keep harming the plant.

Put them into morning sun for a couple hrs...then shade for the duration of the day.

Last yr I put up a large patio umbrella to shade the superhots from 11am thru 4/5 pm as needed.

Keep at it, just dont be in a hurry.