chinense Reaper vs 7 pot primo vs Moruga ........

Hi Guy's

I'm already contemplating 2024 grow list ..........:banghead:

Lists coming along nicely probably about 80% settled on varieties however I've never grown any of the 3 super hots listed above, I'm a huge Naga flavour fan and discovered I don't like 7 pot Douglah flavour every day's a school day.

I'd welcome views on these 3 and know I'm not sowing all 3 :stop: being strict on space next year :thumbsup:

Help me decide.....................

The reaper has a very pleasant taste. Sweet and fruity. The primo is similar. I think the moruga is disgusting but it's been so long since I ate one I can't tell you why. My absolute favorite pepper is a naga cross. I like the nutty flavor that comes with a douglah.
"They say" that Carolina Reaper and 7P Primo are the same pepper.
I liked the taste of the Reaper more than that of the Moruga, except pickled. I'd grow both.
The taste of Reaper and Primo are so similar that I wouldn't base my decision on that.
Reaper is slightly more productive than Primo. Primo has given me less problems than Reaper during his cultivation. Primo's form is more stable than Reaper.
I don't like Moruga very much, she has an acidic slap that is unpleasant to me. Moruga caramel is sweeter, not as acidic and less hot. For me a better option compared to red.
I forgot to tell you about the taste of Primo and Reaper. Imagine the flavor of your Jonah, now add a fruity touch and double the intensity of the flavor. Some Jonah have a bitter aftertaste (my strain doesn't). Primo and Reaper have nothing bitter in their taste.