website Recipes For Heat Lovers

If you enjoy HOT cuisine with mouth watering flavor,
you have come to the right place. Recipes that just burn and have
little flavor don't appeal to many palates and give Chiles a bad
reputation. As your tolerance (addiction) for heat grows, you will
start to appreciate the many unique and various flavors offered by
so many varieties of Chiles available for your eating pleasure.

All recipes are in MasterCook format for easy importing. Select the
recipe(s) you want, copy, then past into any text based word
processor and then import.
  • Uncle Steves Recipes
    A collection of HOT recipes for seasoned Chile-Heads from Uncle Steve.
  • Aunt Lindy's Recipe
    A collection of Aunt Lindy's recipes. Some HOT some just spicy
  • Wild Game Recipes
    Adding heat to Game Recipes is not for covering up a "Wild' taste!
  • BBQ and Smoke Recipes
    BBQ and Smoke Recipes, Sauces, Rubs, Glazes, Brines and Marinades all benefit by adding the extra zip of HOT Chiles.
  • Hot Sauce Recipes
    A varied collection of HOT sauce recipes from Chile-Heads all around the world.
  • Favorites Recipes
    Personal favorites contributed by heat loving visitors.
  • Add A HOT Recipe
    Add your HOT recipe(s) to Uncle Steve's pages and share it with the world!
  • Chile Products Catolog
    This is where to order all the HOT indegrendents to make all your recipes extra spicy.